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  1. stand clear of the closing doors
    Man Killed Pooping Between Subway Cars As Another Is Mysteriously InjuredIt was a hell of an afternoon at the East 125th Street station.
  2. mysteries
    Bill Richardson Wore a Scarf During Every Second of His North Korea TripWas it really that cold, all the time?
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Midtown Shooter Really Knew What He Was DoingPolice now know who was driving the getaway car.
  4. internal affairs
    Yasser Arafat Exhumed, Just Before DeadlineThe poison they’re looking for decays after eight years.
  5. cold case
    Police to Search for Jimmy Hoffa’s Remains Under Suburban Detroit DrivewayA man dying of cancer contacted police with information.
  6. mysteries
    Authorities Have No Clue Why a Woman Jumped Off a Staten Island FerryShe plugged her nose and jumped.
  7. mysteries
    Man Thought Drowned Turns Up in South CarolinaIt’s a miracle!
  8. Those Stowaways Mysteriously Disappeared, or Never ExistedThe search has been called off after no stowaways were found.
  9. investigations
    Death of French Academic Still a MysteryThe prominent university director was found dead in a Manhattan hotel room on Tuesday.
  10. kaaaahhhnnn!
    Ladies Look at DSK and Instantly Want to Do Sex, Says DSK BiographyHere are some more interesting ideas about what went down in the Sofitel.
  11. loose lips
    What Did the NYPD Do With the Occupy Wall Street WikiLeaks Truck?A local artist-activist says the cops made his vehicle disappear.
  12. party chat
    The Mystery of Governor Cuomo’s Halloween CostumeIs he dressing up as Raggedy Andy? Or as “a governor”?
  13. mysteries
    There Are at Least 43,381 Unknown Viruses Living in SewersAnd they say we don’t produce anything anymore.
  14. weinergate
    The Tweeter Who Launched Weinergate Is Seriously ParanoidWonder why he wants all this cloaked in mystery?
  15. mysteries revealed
    Goldman Sachs to Reveal Magical Formula for Making MoneyA report from Goldman Sachs will reveal details about the secretive firm.
  16. the greatest show of our time
    Josh Schwartz Explains It All“Dan still goes to NYU. He was just hanging with Nate for a soccer game, and offered to accompany Nate to his health center.”
  17. the new adventures of old christine
    The Curious Case of Christine O’Donnell’s LinkedIn ProfileThe one that claimed she went to Oxford and Claremont Graduate University? It wasn’t hers, she says.
  18. mysteries
    And of Course, the Squirrels?The strangest aspect of the entire James Lee saga.
  19. mysteries
    Billionaire Real-Estate Mogul Is Blabbering Fool, Lawyer ClaimsHas Tamir Sapir been smiling and nodding his way through major real-estate deals for over ten years?
  20. chatroulette
    Chatroulette Mysteriously Disappears“The experiment #1 is over.”
  21. mysteries
    Former Merrill Lynch Executive Forced to Declare Bankruptcy Just to Keep a $14 Million Roof Over His HeadHow did things go so wrong for this tan man?
  22. miracle on the hudson
    The Miracle on the Hudson Plane Auction Has Been Mysteriously ‘Postponed Indefinitely’Something is fishy, and not just the smell of the seats.
  23. mysteries
    The Curious Case of the Hacked Socialite Voice MailsPublicist Ali Wise hacked into interior designer Nina Freudenberger’s voice mail. Why?
  24. mysteries
    The Mystery of Bruce Bents I and IIExploring the underlying mystery behind what happened at the Reserve Primary Fund.
  25. hannah upp-date
    Hannah Upp Mystery Still DeepeningYesterday’s ‘Times’ story about the Harlem schoolteacher who went off the grid for three weeks last fall raises a lot of questions it doesn’t quite answer.
  26. mysteries
    Double Snugg-ingWhy is the ‘Times’ so hot for the Snuggie all of a sudden?
  27. mysteries
    Michel Gondry Has Nothing to Do With Michel Gondry Posters, Okay?The director’s office denies mysterious flyers are part of a marketing campaign.
  28. mysteries
    Looking for the Person Looking for Michel GondrySomeone is on a mission to find the ‘Be Kind Rewind’ director.
  29. in other news
    ‘New Yorker’ Caption Contest Explained, Just As Simple As You ThoughtLast week’s winner gives us tips, we enter.
  30. in other news
    Sexy Surfer Saves the DayAnd we are PISSED.
  31. in other news
    Vito Fossella Adds ‘Mystery Woman’ to His List of ProblemsThe New York congressman called a blonde female friend the night of his drunk-driving arrest last week instead of a family member or nearby co-worker, raising eyebrows.
  32. early and often
    Did Rudy Giuliani’s Use of the Mystery Method Cause Him to Blow Out the Election?Employing “Neg Theory” — insulting a woman in order to pique her romantic interest, as defined by the book The Game and the show The Pickup Artist — may work to pick up chicks, but does it work on states? Conventional wisdom would have that the Giuliani campaign’s decision to “neg” the early-primary states, opting out of campaigning in them in favor of wooing larger, delegate-rich states, was what caused his numbers to drop in polls nationwide. He would have done better there, people reasoned, had he, you know, tried. But today’s Wall Street Journal uses market data to analyze how Giuliani went from certain front-runner to “the biggest loser among the mainstream candidates” and finds that Giuliani’s recent decline is due less to his strategy than his “poor campaign.” In other words, the problem was not his game, but his personality. “Unfortunately for Mr. Giuliani,” the Journal concludes, “a candidate who is unpopular in both the early-voting small states and later-voting big states, just can’t win.” No medallions for him, either. How Rudy’s Bet Went Wrong [WSJ]
  33. in other news
    Paul Rudd vs. the Pickup Artists: It Is On!Writers’ strike aside, there’s still original content being filmed in New York City. My Damn Channel has been running Webisodes of a show starring David Wain, formerly of The State which are pretty hilarious. In the new Webisode, “The Pickup” airing today, Wain’s too-nervous-to-approach-women character consults Alias, a Mystery-like character for help. Played by Paul Rudd, resplendent in a smoking jacket and tight pants, his long straggly wig restrained by a top hat and velvet headband, Alias promises great success picking up women with lines like, “Great hair. Looks silky as shit. What is it, horse hair? You dumb, cheap hooker,” and using made-up words to explain his philosophy. “Beautiful women are told they’re beautiful all day long,” he says smoothly. “What we do, is we deny them our approval … hones, that way they’re dependent on us.” It’s pretty much the funniest and smartest takedown of Neil Strauss’s The Game yet. The Pickup [My Damn Channel]
  34. party lines
    The Horror! Stephen King Considers HarlemNo bucket of pig’s blood dropped as Stephen King was named Grand Master at the Mystery Writers of America ‘s 61st annual Edgar Awards Banquet last night, but, still, the horror master suggested something mysterious might be afoot in Manhattan: He’s been inspired to write a horror novel set in Harlem, he said, in which the crimes come courtesy of some old-school voodoo. “I’d have to live four years in Harlem to write it,” he told us. “I’m a country kid, and this is the city. I’m a white kid, and it’s a black neighborhood. So I’d have to do some research.” The Edgar Award itself, a pale ceramic effigy of its namesake, is the ugliest but most cherished prize in the mystery world, presented for outstanding achievements in crime fiction. William Monahan won Best Motion Picture Screenplay last night for The Departed, and The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin was named Best Novel. Al Roker, the evening’s master of ceremonies, confided that he identifies with King’s Christine, the 1958 Plymouth Fury with a taste for blood. “Because it’s a big, hulking guzzler,” he said, explaining the affinity. If only it could have had gastric bypass. —Nicole K. Sia