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  1. 2020 elections
    Georgia NAACP Head Asks Matt Lieberman to Drop Senate BidLieberman’s self-published 2018 novel is allegedly loaded with “racist tropes.”
  2. environment
    The NAACP Confronts Its Sordid Relationship With Big PollutersThe storied civil-rights organization is trying to find its way again. But it has some obstacles of its own making.
  3. racism
    Two More Neo-Confederate School Names Challenged in VirginiaSchool officials resisting the NAACP suit tout history, but they’re the ones whitewashing the adoption of Confederate symbols to oppose civil rights.
  4. Maryland Democrat Deploys Logic, F-Bomb in Parrying ‘Socialism’ AttacksBen Jealous gave a calm, reasonable answer to the first “socialism” question, but then understandably lost it after the second.
  5. No More ‘Slave Auctions’ for This Alaska BarBut they aren’t happy about it.
  6. bloopers
    Fox News Host Congratulates ‘NAACP’ National ChampsNaturally, basketball + Fox News = a discussion of race.
  7. highly uncomfortable things
    Apparently the World’s First NAACP-Klan Meeting ‘Went Well’Depends on what you mean by “well.”
  8. the post-racial world
    NAACP Official Blasts Controversial Businessweek Cover“It’s racist and a mischaracterization.”
  9. nanny bloomberg
    Fight Over Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Gets a Little Bit Racial [Updated]The NAACP and the Hispanic federation claim the rules unfairly affect minorities.
  10. joetorious
    Joe Biden Was Also Booed at the NAACP TodayFor saying he needed to wrap up his speech.
  11. early and awkward
    Romney Accused of Racism After Saying NAACP Wants ‘Free Stuff’He’s actually no fan of anyone who wants “free stuff” from the government.
  12. early and awkward
    Mitt Romney Booed Repeatedly During NAACP SpeechThe loudest one came when he promised to repeal Obamacare.
  13. trayvon martin
    Marchers Demand Arrest in Trayvon Martin ShootingOver a thousand people took to the streets in Sanford, Florida. 
  14. the post-racial world
    Campbell Brown to NAACP: ‘You’re the Ones to Blame Here’“Not everything you see on the Internet is true,” she says.
  15. neighborhood news
    Just in Time for Rush Hour: Obama!Much of midtown is in chaos because of a visit from the POTUS.