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  1. joe biden
    What Joe Biden and George W. Bush Have in CommonComparing the early performances of our most-recent presidents.
  2. democracy
    The Democrats Love Bipartisanship More Than They Fear TrumpAs Pelosi hands Trump a win on trade, and Biden defends the GOP’s good name, conservatives are entrenching their minority rule.
  3. rip
    Ross Perot Will Remain a Legend Among Foes of PartisanshipThe business executive, who died today at 89, ran fascinating presidential campaigns in ’92 and ’96, but they were very much a product of the time.
  4. the top line
    Trump Is Adjusting His Trade Strategy to Be More RealisticAnd this looks like a nod at something Trump hates: multilateralism.
  5. trade
    Trump’s NAFTA 2.0 Puts Big Pharma First, America SecondTrump says lowering pharmaceutical prices is a priority. But his trade deal would bar Congress from curtailing patent monopolies on biologic drugs.
  6. trade
    With New NAFTA Deal, Trump Avoids Disaster But Falls Short on Big Trade PromisesCanada has signed on to a deal that shores up and modernizes the existing trade system, but fails to address major issues that animated Trump voters.
  7. trade
    U.S. and Canada Strike a Deal to Save NAFTAIt will be called the “United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement,” or USMCA.
  8. richard trumka
    Trump Celebrates Labor Day by Attacking Labor LeaderThe president honored the spirit of the holiday by working extra hard at angry tweeting.
  9. nafta
    Trump Threatens to Kill NAFTA After U.S., Mexico Reach Preliminary Trade DealPresident Trump claims he’ll be terminating the old agreement, but his administration’s actions say otherwise.
  10. the national interest
    Trump Made 6 Populist Promises. He Has Now Broken Them All.Trump ran to the left on the economy. While nobody was looking, he abandoned his last promise to be a different kind of Republican.
  11. Despite Conflicts of Interest, Kushner Is Still Running U.S. DiplomacyThe Mexican government has discussed exploiting Kushner’s inexperience and venality. Kushner just met privately with Mexican officials anyway.
  12. Paul Ryan and Other Republicans Try to Talk Trump Out of TariffsAt least for a day, the House Speaker isn’t a presidential lackey.
  13. Trump: I’ll Lift Tariffs If NAFTA Is RenegotiatedThe president is attempting to bully two close allies into submission.
  14. Among the Globalists in Davos, Trump Warms to NAFTA and TPP“If we did a substantially better deal, I would be open to TPP,” Trump said.
  15. The Canadians Think Trump Will Try to Kill NAFTA. Are They Right?The president longs for trade war — but also a booming stock market and the approval of his corporate donors.
  16. Trump’s Demands Have Deadlocked NAFTA TalksMexico, Canada, and the U.S. have agreed to delay the next round of talks, as White House continues to insist on reforms its neighbors won’t abide.
  17. Why Trump Just Might Blow Up NAFTASince losing a proxy battle with Breitbart in Alabama, the president has been increasingly willing to sow chaos for the far right’s pleasure.
  18. As He Prepares to Blow Up NAFTA, Trump Warms to a New Trade Deal With CanadaNegotiators are meeting to save NAFTA, but Trump doesn’t seem to want that.
  19. Trump Administration Poised to Make Deal-Killing NAFTA DemandsTrump wants to put tariffs on cars that aren’t made from at least 50 percent U.S.-made parts. Mexico, Canada, U.S. carmakers say that’s a bad idea.
  20. Democrats: Canadian Unions Shouldn’t Have to Compete With Cheap American LaborCanada has called for NAFTA to prohibit union-busting laws in American states. Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Sherrod Brown agree.
  21. NAFTA Was Saved by Kushner and Trudeau — or Maybe It Was Never Even in DangerReports question what really happened on the day Trump nearly killed the trade deal, then suddenly agreed to renegotiate.
  22. Trump ‘Psyched’ to Kill NAFTA, Then Advisers Said It Would Hurt States He WonIt was easy to flip because, as he put it, “I’m a nationalist and a globalist.”
  23. Hours After Floating Threat to Scrap NAFTA, Trump Says He’ll RenegotiateAfter White House aides said a withdrawal order was in the works, the president assured Canada and Mexico that he just wants to bring it “up to date.”
  24. White House Readies Order Declaring Intention to Quit NAFTABannon’s back.
  25. Trump Signals He Will Seek Relatively Modest Changes to NAFTADuring the campaign, Trump promised to “rip up” the trade agreement. Now, his administration appears content to make NAFTA a bit more like the TPP.
  26. Trump’s Top Trade Adviser Tries to Sell Mexico On ‘North America First’Peter Navarro wants the new NAFTA to protect the North American manufacturing market from overseas competition.
  27. Trump May Be the Only Hope for a Mexican President’s Political RevivalTrump has a big investment in anti-Mexican sentiment. But Mexico’s president could thrive by uniting his people against the bully of the north.
  28. Trump’s First Monday: Ending TPP and Renegotiating NAFTAPresident Obama’s signature trade deal is dead.
  29. Donald Trump Goes to Mexico, Does Not Start WarThe great negotiator behaved himself with the Mexican president — but failed to bring up the whole “your taxpayers need to pay for the wall” thing.
  30. free trade
    Vicente Fox: Withdrawing From NAFTA Will Hurt the U.S., Not MexicoNonetheless, the former Mexican president pleaded with American voters to reject “false prophet” Donald Trump.