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    Sean Spicer Retweets the Onion Saying He Gives ‘Misinformation’: ‘Nailed It’Unclear if Spicer realized the video from satirical news website the Onion was mocking him.
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    New York City to Investigate Nail IndustryMayor de Blasio announced on Friday he will launch a series of investigations into nail salons.
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    EPA to Address Health Concerns for Nail-Salon Employees [Updated]The agency is looking into regulatory changes to protect the health and welfare of the people who work at nail salons.
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    Cuomo Cracks Down on Nail Salons With Emergency OrderThe new measures follow a widely read New York Times story detailing nail-salon worker abuses, including wage theft and exposure to dangerous chemicals.
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    New York’s Men Advocate for Equal-Opportunity VanityYou’ve come a long way, baby.
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    New York’s Manicurists Are Organizing for Better TreatmentAfter a galvanizing lawsuit.