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    Wolf in the Henhouse: California’s Multibillion-Dollar Private-Equity BoondoggleAs public pensions across the U.S. rot from the inside, California’s influential CalPERS fund wants to set up a sketchy new business model.
  2. naked capitalism
    Uber Is Headed for a CrashThe company just posted another quarter of jaw-dropping losses. How much is hype and how much is real?
  3. naked capitalism
    Fake ‘Unicorns’ Are Running Roughshod Over the Venture Capital IndustryA study finding that venture capital-backed companies are pervasively overvalued might be an existential threat to the venture capital industry.
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    We’re Headed for a Brexit CrashoutWe’re on a path to the worst sort of Brexit: no plan, no transition period, and a U.K. financial crisis for which we’re totally unprepared.
  5. 2008
    Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith on Why We Didn’t See the 2008 Crash Coming“People forget how petrified everybody was at the time.”