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  1. yes we said shamus beaglehole
    Who Will Win the 2015 Name of the Year Award?The loves and adventures of March Madness’s most joyful bracket.
  2. brooklyn
    Brooklyn Is a Very Popular Baby Name Pretty Much Everywhere Except for New YorkNew York won’t feel the effect of the trend until they all grow up and move here.
  3. babies
    New York Is Home to Many Michaels It’s been the state’s most popular name for 48 years.
  4. george washington
    Washington the ‘Blackest’ Name in AmericaThe surname Washington now belongs predominantly to African-Americans — in fact, the name is 90 percent black according to the most recent U.S. Census data.
  5. blobs and the people who own them
    Naming a Human Is a Very Big Deal and You Should Not Blow ItBut let’s face it, you probably will.
  6. unexpectedness
    Not a Lot of People Are Naming Their Babies ‘Barack’This is actually surprising.