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Nanny State

  1. nanny state
    Now the FDA Will Count Calories for You*In chains with 20 locations or more
  2. nanny state
    Dear Cyclists, the City Council Is Coming for Your Cell PhonesYou’ll have no choice but to upgrade to Google Glass
  3. nanny state
    Bloomberg Soda Ban Really Dead This TimeBig Gulps for everyone. 
  4. bill de blasio’s new york
    City Hall Vending Machine Now Stocks Junk FoodHealth food is out, Doritos are in.
  5. nanny state
    Piers Morgan Tries to Sell Christine Quinn on a Big-Soda ‘Nanny State’“We all need a bit of nannying about.”
  6. nanny state
    Bloomberg Would Love to Take His Soda Ban StatewideDon’t worry, Cuomo won’t let him do it.
  7. hurricane sandy
    The City Is Giving Up an Awesome Bonfire OpportunityIn favor of a “controlled burn” of Sandy-felled trees.
  8. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Taunts Soda Ban Enemies With Billions“How much were they spending again?”
  9. nanny state
    You Have Six Months to Suck Down Giant Sodas, Starting NowThe Board of Health approved the ban on sugary drinks larger than sixteen ounces.
  10. nanny state
    The City Is Either Planning to Take Our Booze, or Conducting a Routine SurveyThe nefarious plot to encourage young people to stop drinking themselves to death.
  11. nanny state
    Public Hearing on Soda Ban Lacks Input From PublicBut includes plenty of grandstanding from officials and industry reps.
  12. nanny knows best
    City-Funded Study Finds City’s Ban on Trans Fats Was a Huge SuccessWe should probably start banning other foods too!
  13. smokin’!
    NYC Can’t Force Cigarette Peddlers to Guilt Smokers at the Register An appeals court ruled against Bloomberg’s anti-smoking crusade today.
  14. nanny state
    Soda Companies Fight for New York’s Right to Absurdly Large BeveragesIt’s not about selling sugar water, it’s about freedom.
  15. nanny state
    Cambridge, Massachusetts Wants in on Controversial Soda BanThe city’s desperate cry for attention.
  16. nanny state
    Will Bloomberg Have Mercy on Frappuccino Lovers?Tackling the stickier aspects of New York’s soda ban.
  17. health
    Disney to Stop Peddling Junk Food With Michelle Obama’s BlessingR.I.P. Tony the Tiger.
  18. the third terminator
    Soda Enemy Michael Bloomberg Bathes His BLTs in Mayonnaise Moderation.
  19. the third terminator
    In Latest Attack on Delicious Things, Bloomberg Plans to Ban Large SodasKiss your Big Gulp good-bye.
  20. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Looking to Curb Smoking in and Around ApartmentsThe anti-cigarette crusade continues!
  21. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Actually Loves BoozeThe mayor doesn’t support Health Department initiatives to cut back on New Yorkers’ drinking.
  22. the third terminator
    Bloomberg’s Health Initiatives Target Alcohol, TooAdd booze to the list of bad things like smoking, salt, and soda.
  23. nanny state
    New State Law Could Prevent You From Getting That Perfect Shade of Golden Brown for PromTanning underage could soon be illegal in New York state.
  24. cable news
    Talk Box: Sarah Palin’s Freedom Cookies DebunkedPlus, Bill O’Reilly is cool with McDonald’s tricking kids into buying its “crap.”
  25. won’t somebody please think of the children?
    Governor Paterson Does Not Appreciate the Hidden Dangers of Sippy CupsChildren everywhere are drinking from a ticking time bomb.
  26. smoking ban
    How Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti-Smoking Crackdown Hurts Those It Claims to HelpBloomberg cuts off nightlife industry’s nose to spite its face.