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  1. No Longer a ‘Blip’: Stocks Skid Yet AgainIt’s now officially a “correction,” but the volatility may continue.
  2. wall street woes
    NASDAQ Decided to Take the Afternoon OffAugust, you know?
  3. silicon valley drama
    Nasdaq’s ‘Baby Don’t Go’ to FacebookThe stock exchange wants Facebook to give it just one night, una noche.
  4. business
    Nasdaq CEO’s Facebook Damage Control Undone by Lack of In-Flight Wi-FiRobert Greifeld will check the “Wi-Fi Flights Only” box on Kayak next time. 
  5. wall street
    Nasdaq to Facebook Investors: Our BadA $40 million mea culpa.
  6. technology
    Facebook Is Having an Emotional Affair With the NYSEThings with the NASDAQ aren’t going so hot.
  7. Nasdaq ‘Humbly Embarrassed’ by Botched Facebook IPOTechnical problems contributed to the lackluster debut.
  8. technology
    Facebook Debuts on Wall Street, But Stock Finishes Almost Flat [Updated]Here we go!
  9. careless whispers
    Former Managing Director of the NASDAQ Charged With Insider TradingIt’s raining insider-trading allegations!
  10. closing time
    Nasdaq No Match for the Germans in Bid for New York Stock ExchangeGood news for Deutsche Börse AG.
  11. closing time
    New York Stock Exchange Has a Choice Between ‘Two Evils’The DOJ weighs Nasdaq’s bid for the NYSE.
  12. party lines
    Cornering Cuomo on His Presidential PicksAt Charles Grodin’s book party at Le Cirque on Wednesday, we stopped by to ask former governor Mario Cuomo if we could have a word. Cuomo began by introducing us to his dinner partner. “This is Sandy Frucher,” he said. “Of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Just made a big deal. NASDAQ is buying them out, and that’s like a $700 million deal. And even he’s here!” His mind wandered. “Who took my wine?” The wine was located. We figured it was as good a time as any to ask the tough questions. Who were his presidential picks? “I think Hillary wins the Democratic primary. I think Romney wins the Republican primary,” he said. “I suspect and I hope this is not true: That neither Hillary nor Romney is going to be such a towering figure that it will preclude third people from coming in.”
  13. company town
    Will Dick Parsons Pull a Bloomberg?MEDIA • Rumor has it that Richard Parson’s will announce his departure at Time Warner as early as this week. Jeff Bewkes, longtime No. 2, is set to take over as CEO. Does this mean a Parsons run for mayor? [Times of London] • Radar cooked up a clever quiz: Fox News anchor or porn star? You decide. Wait, no, Murdoch decides. [Radar] • Jim Cramer matched Rupert Murdoch’s legendary subtlety: “We have a competitor now in Fox and it is really important to destroy and mutilate them.” [Broadcasting & Cable]