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Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  1. nassim nicholas taleb
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb Will Crush Nerds and Bureaucrats Between His Massive PecsHe’s not a fan of Tom Friedman, either. 
  2. philosopher kings
    Black Swan Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb Is the Incredible Hulk“Any attack makes me stronger.”
  3. econogeddon
    Nassim Taleb: There Are Actually Three Types of SwansAt least!
  4. the downturnaround
    Black Swan Author Nassim Taleb Has Run Out of Highly Improbable Things to SayThe author of ‘The Black Swan’ opines on Wall Street bonuses.
  5. the greatest depression
    ‘The Black Swan’ Author a Lucky DuckThe randomness of world events is really working out for Nassim Nicholas Taleb.