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  1. the most important people in the world
    One Thing Stands Between Natasha Lyonne and Rocket Science“But I tried to picture myself at NASA, but they’d be like, “Oh, look, it’s the girl from American Pie.”
  2. 21 questions
    Natasha Lyonne Will Never Sleep With Bernie Madoff AgainThe actress answers our usual 21 Questions.
  3. the most important people in the world
    Natasha Lyonne Really Loves PuppiesThe actress guarantees that if she met your dog, it would have a beautiful experience.
  4. real estate porn
    Natasha Lyonne Proves Obnoxious Real-Estate ClichéThat, of course, celebrities are able to find cheap, fantastic real estate when you can’t even find a place where the toilet is in the same room as the shower.
  5. in other news
    Hey! Natasha Lyonne Is Still Alive! Apparently after the whole partying and drinking and drugging and missed court dates and “random dudes sprawled on the couch” and threatening to molest her neighbor’s dog and spending five months in a hospital with Hepatitis C, there wasn’t anywhere to go but up. “I took it about as far as I could,” Natasha Lyonne told the Times this weekend. “And I didn’t die, so I decided to live, basically. Obviously it’s complicated, but it’s also very simple. I wasn’t dead at 27, so I might as well be 30. You’re already in it. You may as well be in a rocking chair some day eating a lobster club.” Mmmm, a lobster club. We’re so relieved! (And sorry to say, she looks a little better than Tara Reid these days.) Lyonne is starring in Mike Leigh’s Two Thousand Years at the Acorn Theater starting June 15, but she’s quick to point out that just because she’s working and, you know, able to stand again, she’s not exactly having her Little Girl Lost moment. “I’d love to say that there’s been this great 180 and happy ever after,” she told the Times while puffing on a Marlboro. But “I’ve always been both sides of the coin,” she said. “I’m very full of life, but at the same time very dismissive of it. Not really highs and lows, just a steady state of ‘Oh, hey, isn’t this great?’ and ‘Who gives a damn anyway?’” When Living at All Is the Best Revenge [NYT]