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Nathan Bedford Forrest

  1. confederate statues
    Say Good-bye to the Nation’s Ugliest Confederate StatueThe monstrous figure of Nathan Bedford Forrest was removed on Tuesday from a hill off the interstate south of Nashville.
  2. neo-confederacy
    VA Secretary Once Gave Speeches Lionizing Racist Arch-Traitor Jefferson DavisHaving an apparent member of the neo-Confederacy heading the agency that tends to those who served the country Davis tried to destroy is not good.
  3. confederate monuments
    America’s Ugliest Confederate Statue Isn’t Coming Down Anytime SoonA Tennessee town’s absurd and tacky monument to General Nathan Bedford Forrest.
  4. haley barbour
    Now Haley Barbour Says He’ll Veto Plan to Honor KKK LeaderHow nice of him.
  5. early and awful
    Haley Barbour Refuses to Denounce Long-Deceased KKK LeaderAnother really bad call!