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Nathan Deal

  1. Trump’s Candidate Brian Kemp Wins Georgia GOP Governor’s Bid EasilyNow Kemp will face Stacey Abrams in a partisan, ideological, and personal grudge match.
  2. Who Will Win Georgia’s Insane GOP Gubernatorial Runoff?Democrats are hoping the wild GOP contest will help their candidate Stacey Abrams.
  3. Trump Endorses GOPer Who Vowed to ‘Round Up Criminal Illegals’ in His PickupIn a surprise endorsement at the last minute, Trump is at odds with popular Georgia GOP governor Nathan Deal.
  4. The Two Staceys Versus GOP Wild Men: A Preview of Tuesday’s PrimariesGubernatorial primaries in Georgia and congressional contests in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas are on tap for May 22.
  5. medicaid
    GOP Tinkering With Medicaid Could Tempt Red States to Expand CoverageAn apparently unintended consequence.
  6. Will Georgia’s Governor Sign Anti-Gay Bill?Nathan Deal must decide on the pending “religious liberty” law by May 3.
  7. bon mots
    Nazi Allusions Are the International Language of PoliticsSpanish-language newspaper in Georgia makes the governor look like Hitler.
  8. primaries
    Linda McMahon Victorious, Lamont Upset in Connecticut PrimariesObama-backed Michael Bennet wins in Colorado.
  9. primaries
    Good Showing for Palin’s Pick in Georgia PrimaryKaren Handel receives most votes, but doesn’t avoid runoff.