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  1. National Geographic Replaces Racist Fictions With Post-racial FantasiesNatGeo wants to start a conversation on race, but its opening statement seems more like an end than a beginning.
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    Cypress Hill’s B-Real Talks About Being NASA’s Biggest Instagram FanRap’s favorite stoners are also prolific Instagram commenters — on nature-photography accounts.
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    There’s a Good Chance You Are a 28-Year-Old Chinese MaleNot exactly, but the “typical” person is.
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    NYMag.com Snags Two Ellies‘National Geographic’ and ‘New York’ both took home two awards each.
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    National Geographic Adventure ClosesIt’ll continue on as a website, the company says, but they’ve already gone and laid off the entire staff.
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    ‘National Geographic’ Takes Home Three Awards at ASME CeremonyPlus, things are looking up on Wall Street, Skadden is doing better at doing good, and Andre Balazs finally sells the Hotel QT — all in our daily industry roundup.