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  1. covid-19
    New Leader of Oklahoma National Guard Rejects Federal Vaccine MandateThe state’s mandate-opposing governor appointed the new leader and directed him to institute the policy, which goes against Defense Department orders.
  2. transition liveblog
    Biden Moves to Undo Trump Health Policies: Live UpdatesPresident Biden is signing executive actions that expand access to health care amid the pandemic and begin unraveling his predecessor’s policies.
  3. national guard
    Biden Apologizes After National Guard Troops Are Sent to Parking GaragesAfter two weeks protecting the Capitol grounds, troops were ordered to vacate the complex and sleep on the concrete floors of parking garages.
  4. capitol riots
    Photos: The Capitol Now Looks Like a BarracksNational Guard members are suddenly everywhere, one week after the building was overrun.
  5. george floyd protests
    Trump Mulls Declaring an Insurrection and Sending Military Into CitiesIf deployed widely without requests from state officials, such use of the military would be unprecedented.
  6. minneapolis protests
    Trump Can’t Explain Away His Vile ‘Looting’ TweetDespite his disingenuous attempt to walk back his threat toward Minneapolis protesters, it’s clear he just wanted to pour gasoline on the fire.
  7. Trump Administration Sends National Guard Troops to U.S.-Mexico BorderIt’s a show of force amid an uptick in immigrant crossings.
  8. Trump Is Sending National Guard Troops to the Border“It’s time to act,” DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said.
  9. 3 Missing Afghan Soldiers Found Trying to Cross Into CanadaIs it because of the socialized medicine?
  10. ferguson
    Obama Treads Lightly on Ferguson, Again“We need to listen, not just shout,” he said. “To build not tear down.”
  11. ferguson
    National Guard Deployed After Chaotic, Violent Night in FergusonPolice fired tear gas after reports of gunfire, looting, and vandalism.
  12. sad things
    National Guard Truck Kills 82-Year-Old PedestrianThe accident occurred this afternoon in lower Manhattan.
  13. hurricane sandy
    National Guard: ‘We Were Dead in the Water Until Victoria’s Secret Showed Up’Has that ever been said by anyone over 13-years-old before? 
  14. afghanistan
    Senator Scott Brown Will Go to Afghanistan for Military TrainingNo “fact-finding mission” here.
  15. the border
    Obama to Send 1,200 Troops to U.S.-Mexico BorderWhite House also to request $500 million in supplemental funds.