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    Poop Is Piling Up in National Parks Thanks to Government Shutdown“Once those port-a-potties fill up, there’s no amount of cleaning that will save them.”
  2. The Interior Department Proposes Huge Hike in National Park Entry FeesDriving a car into the Grand Canyon and 15 other parks would cost $70 under this plan.
  3. Trump Team Blocks Criticism of Bill Allowing Hunters to Massacre Bear CubsThe National Park Service has concerns about the NRA’s new hunters’ rights bill. Trump’s team reportedly told NPS to keep its worries to itself.
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    Trump Was ‘Directly Involved’ in Search for Rogue National Park TweeterPresident Trump wanted to know who retweeted that photo showing small crowds at his inauguration.
  5. Senate Confirms Montana Representative Ryan Zinke to Lead Interior DepartmentThe former Navy SEAL said in his confirmation hearing that climate change is not a “hoax,” a break with the president.
  6. Someone Mapped the Ultimate National Parks Road TripThis thing would take you two months.
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    Visitors Are Behaving Worse Than Ever at National ParksIn one month, park rangers had to handle 11,000 incidents at the nation’s ten most popular parks.
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    Why ‘Instagram Hikers’ Are National Parks’ Saviors — and Scourges“People would keep going up to a GRIZZLY BEAR that’s in the wild eating an animal, to take a picture.”