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  1. conservatism
    No, Democrats Aren’t to Blame for GOP Voters Loving TrumpA myth that won’t die.
  2. eviction moratorium
    Conservatives Are Freaking Out About the Eviction MoratoriumOne National Review writer encouraged civil disobedience as a response to Biden’s move.
  3. the national interest
    ‘Everybody Shouldn’t Be Voting,’ Republican Blurts OutConservative arguments against voting rights haven’t changed in 60 years.
  4. budget deal
    Will Conservatives Support Trump’s New Budget Deal? Will Trump?The deal could go through quickly, but Trump, conservatives, and House progressives could all play a role in blowing it up.
  5. conservatism
    Trump’s Racist Tweets Expose the True Color of Conservative NationalismTrump and his intellectual allies keep equating opposition to white supremacy with hatred for America.
  6. the national interest
    The New Socialism Panic Is the Right’s Trick to Justify Supporting Trump“Socialism: This Time, We’re Actually Not Making It Up.”
  7. abortion
    Early-Term Abortion Bans Open Rift in Anti-Abortion MovementThey all agree on the goal of banning all abortions everywhere, but they disagree on the means of getting there and on how open to be about it.
  8. the weekly standard
    The Weekly Standard Lived By the Partisan Sword – And Died By ItThe conservative magazine — always shameless in its GOP loyalty — is closing after breaking ranks with Trump.
  9. DHS Secretary Nielsen is Not MAGA Enough for Trump’s White HouseApparently minding her own business in 2016 makes Nielsen a member of Never Trump.
  10. The Final Surrender of Anti-Trump ConservatismCompetence and honesty don’t matter to conservatives. Fealty to conservatism is their only standard to judge a president.
  11. The Attempted Purge of a Rare Pro-Choice Republican in IllinoisIllinois liberals are trying to “purge” RTL Democrat Dan Lipinski, but conservatives are also trying to purge pro-choice Gov. Bruce Rauner.
  12. the national interest
    Why Conservatives Outsourced Environmental Policy to Lobbyists and KooksA revealingly credulous profile in conservatism’s flagship magazine.
  13. How Far Will the Right Go in Blaming the Left for the Alexandria Shootings?Some commentators are taking the argument to some disturbing lengths.
  14. David French: Trump Intimidated My FamilyThe blogger who considered mounting an independent presidential run says a Trump lackey told his wife’s family that the campaign would be “really, really bad for him.”
  15. the national interest
    Conservatives to White Working Class: Drop DeadTrump-hating National Review accidentally explains why he is winning.
  16. The Two Republican Establishments Are Split on Their Anti-Trump StrategiesThe rift between the conservative-movement Establishment — which would largely be fine with a Ted Cruz nomination — and the rest of the GOP Establishment threatens to thwart the anti-Trump coalition they all support.
  17. National Review Calls Israel ‘a Barbaric Country’The fanatically anti-Zionist National Review has finally gone too far.
  18. the national interest
    How Conservatism Created Donald TrumpNational Review and the shock of recognition.
  19. Right-Wing Climate Analyst Is Typing Out Sentences at RandomNational Review columnist hates energy regulations, is not even trying to make his talking points fit together.
  20. the national interest
    National Review Flips ‘Days Since Last Racist Rant’ Sign Back to 0What’s a good comparison for this black kid? How about a monkey? Okay, cool.
  21. ink-stained wretches
    Robert Costa Leaving National Review for Washington PostThe star conservative reporter scores a new job.
  22. early and awkward
    National Review Sues Cory Booker Over Teen Who Died in His ArmsAllegedly.
  23. temper tantrums
    National Review Writer Tossed From TheaterKevin Williamson had a hell of a night.
  24. stuck in the mittle
    Why National Review Is Wrong on Romney’s TaxesWhy the conservative magazine might be horribly wrong. 
  25. the post-racial world
    National Review Axes Another White-Supremacist ContributorYikes. 
  26. treasure hunt
    National Review Provides Helpful Guide to Getting Free Condoms in New York CityServicey!
  27. the national interest
    What If Romney Had Won in 2008?If Romney had won his last presidential campaign, he probably would have implemented something like the Affordable Care Act.
  28. early and often
    National Review Endorses … Not GingrichNational Review says Huntsman, Romney, and Santorum deserve serious consideration.
  29. teabaggers
    Conservative Considers Reclaiming ‘Teabagger’ LabelBut decides against it.
  30. David Frum Follows Chris Buckley Out of ‘National Review’He thinks everyone needs to just CHILL OUT, okay?
  31. early and often
    Sarah Palin Overheated Conservative CruisesThe ‘New Yorker’ tells us about how the Alaska governor did have a few key Washington ‘connections’ before she got the V.P. tap.
  32. company town
    Lies and the Lying Arabs Who Tell ThemMEDIA • The New Republic pulled back on its long-embattled “Baghdad Diarist” series, admitting they could no longer stand behind the author, an army private serving in Iraq. Meanwhile, The National Review suffered its own Middle Eastern credibility scandal and struck back in a novel way: “As one of our sources put it: ‘The Arab tendency to lie and exaggerate about enemies is alive and well among pro-American Lebanese Christians as much as it is with the likes of Hamas.’” Yikes. [NYT Mixed Media/Portfolio] • Big layoffs ahead at NBC News? “There are going to be firings very soon — everybody is terrified,” according to a “former network insider,” who claims tens of millions in cuts will happen in the next two weeks. [Jossip] • New NBC programming honcho Ben Silverman is looking to clear up a conflict of interest and cash in on his old production company, which Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter to Rupe, is buying for around $200 million. Not bad for a guy who built his career on stealing foreign shows like The Office and Ugly Betty and then repackaging them for the U.S.[NYP]