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  1. Fired White House Official Hired by DOJ at Trump’s InsistenceEzra Cohen-Watnick was booted from the National Security Council last summer. Now he’s back in the Trump administration.
  2. NSC Spokesperson Exits As John Bolton Arrives in White HouseMichael Anton, author of the famous “Flight 93 Election” essay, won’t be teaming up with his old George W. Bush administration colleague.
  3. White House Aides: A Cabal of Islamists, Marxists, and Bankers Is After TrumpThe deep state, GOP, and media are in on the conspiracy, according to an NSC memo — which multiple White House officials have defended as correct.
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    Trump and Kushner Push Back on Right-Wing Campaign to Fire McMaster, for NowEven the Russian Twitter bots have been piling on McMaster over the past week.
  5. What Is the Kushner Doctrine?The president’s son-in-law is reportedly trying to micromanage America’s foreign policy. And we have almost no idea what he believes in.
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    National Security Adviser K. T. McFarland Ousted As NSC Shake-up ContinuesTrump will nominate her to become the U.S. ambassador to Singapore.
  7. Energy Secretary Rick Perry Elevated to NSC’s Top CommitteeHe’s the first former Dancing With the Stars contestant to sit on the body charged with protecting the nation.
  8. Bannon Kicked Off National Security CouncilThe right-wing radio host will no longer have a seat on one of the most powerful advisory councils on planet Earth.
  9. Trump Picks Putin Critic for Top Position on Russia Policy“Blackmail and intimidation are part of his stock in trade,” the White House’s new senior director for Europe and Russia wrote of Putin last summer.
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    Trump’s New National Security Adviser Pans the Term ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’H.R. McMaster reportedly said that the conservative catchphrase is unhelpful since Muslim terrorists are “un-Islamic.”
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    Senior National Security Council Aide Fired After Criticizing TrumpMeanwhile, Trump is still looking for his next national-security adviser.
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    Trump Signs More Vague Executive Orders, Wants Non-Secret Plan to Defeat ISISThe pen-happy, plan-lite president has signaled his desire to combat lobbying, be ready for cyberattacks, and have a strategy about ISIS.
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    Report: National Security Council Facing Staff Exodus Over Michael FlynnFlynn’s unsettling reputation appears to be preceding him.