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Natural Disasters

  1. natural disasters
    Death Toll Rises to 18 As Utah Recovers From Flash Floods Two people remain missing.
  2. natural disasters
    8.3-Magnitude Earthquake Forces a Million to Evacuate in ChileAt least eight people are dead. 
  3. natural disasters
    Fast-Moving Wildfires Swallow Hundreds of Homes in CaliforniaHere are photos of the terrifying blaze.
  4. natural disasters
    ‘Unprecedented Rain’ Hits City Near Tokyo“We can say this is an abnormal situation and there is imminent serious danger.”
  5. natural disasters
    India Is Enduring a Deadly Heat WaveAt least 1,400 have been killed, as temperatures soar as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. More Flooding Possible for Texas and OklahomaThe death toll now stands at 18 with more still missing, and the dangerous storms could continue for another week.
  7. scary things
    Long Island Sinkhole Settles for SubaruThe Earth has opened again to eat another car.
  8. natural disasters
    At Least Fourteen People Killed in Indonesian Volcanic Eruption And the death toll is expected to rise.
  9. very sad things
    Typhoon Haiyan’s Death Toll Rises to Estimated 10,000The storm is now headed to Vietnam.
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    Rescuers Evacuate Colorado Residents Following Record Rainfall and FloodingThere’s even more rainfall expected this weekend.
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    Another Quake Shakes Up JapanThis time, in the city of Iwaki.
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    Heavy Rain Causes Severe Flooding in the MidwestSmall towns in Minnesota and Wisconsin are already underwater.
  13. earthquakes
    Looting Commences in Chile As Death Toll RisesPolice use tear gas to disperse looters.
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    Aftershocks Continue in Chile As Tsunami Threat EndsThe death toll has surpassed 400.
  15. earthquakes
    Chile Rocked by 8.8 Magnitude EarthquakeThat’s a thousand times stronger than the 7.0 quake that hit Haiti last month.
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    Japan Receives Tsunami Warning After 7.0 Underwater EarthquakeIt may be up to twenty inches.
  17. haiti earthquake
    84-Year-Old Woman Reported Rescued From Rubble in HaitiTen days after the first quake devastated Haiti, a woman is found still alive by rescue teams.
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    Haiti Evacuating 400,000 From Capital AreaIn order to prevent the further spread of disease, officials are trying to break up massive, squalid refugee camps around Port-au-Prince.
  19. the jerk store
    John Edwards Is in HaitiThank God.
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    For Many in Haiti, Only Hope for Survival Is Trip to United StatesMeanwhile, the government is preparing to issue up to 200,000 temporary protected status visas.
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    U.S. Troops Arrive in Haiti Amid Leadership VacuumStill, chaos reigns.
  22. sad things
    Aid Ready, But Not Always Able, to Reach HaitiRelief organizations are having trouble getting access to the devastated country.
  23. sad things
    Earthquake Update: World Rushes to Haiti’s AidMeanwhile, United Nations workers and peacekeepers are among those dead or missing.
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    Another Earthquake Hits Indonesia, Death Toll Climbs Above 500Just as hospitals and airports were reopening after yesterday’s disaster, another struck.