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Nature’s Terrorists

  1. stress reduction
    Goose Killers Not Even Bothering With Prospect Park This YearAnother 800 Canada geese will be killed, but NOT in Prospect Park.
  2. the war against nature
    Wild Turkeys Are Attacking People in a New Jersey NeighborhoodAnd Philadelphia is laughing!
  3. nature’s terrorists
    Goose Attack on Flight 1549 Was ‘Warning Shot,’ Says Expert“Eventually, something is going to happen.”
  4. the war against nature
    Birds Set Beady Eyes on Electrical System, Plunging Parts of City Into Darkness, ChaosAn explosive piece in today’s New York ‘Times’ reminds us of the true threat facing America.
  5. nature’s terrorists
    The Birds Have Mastered TechnologyThis is bad. Very bad.
  6. why they hate us
    Richard Meier’s Glass Tower a Boon to National Security’An all-glass building adjacent to the park is a deathtrap for birds,’ says the head of the Audubon Society.