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  1. weird science
    Why Are Orcas Targeting and Sometimes Sinking Boats in Southern Europe?There were two more incidents of orcas going after boats in the Strait of Gibraltar this week, and it’s still not clear what is causing the behavior.
  2. nature
    Trump Takes One Last Shot at NatureThe administration has moved ahead with plans to sell drilling rights to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  3. nature
    Kangaroo Farts Won’t Save UsFrom greenhouse gases — or anything else.
  4. nature
    After Thousands of Years, Britain’s Oldest Tree Is Maybe Becoming FemaleThis yew has decided to give growing berries a try. 
  5. nature
    Aggressive Bears Are Scaring Hikers in New Jersey’s Ramapo State ParkFive people were followed by bears last weekend.
  6. nature
    Raccoons Are Gentrifying One Brooklyn NeighborhoodThe nocturnal creatures are apparently running rampant in Carroll Gardens. 
  7. nature
    Honeybees Had a Pretty Awful YearBeekeepers reported losing about 42 percent of their colonies in the past year. 
  8. Considering the Wild Millennial in its HabitatThe millennial in its natural habitat.
  9. Obama to Fourth Graders: Brace Yourself for No-Fun Vacations AheadTo the forest!
  10. nature
    Oil and Gas Drilling Is Coming to the East CoastEnvironmentalists aren’t happy. 
  11. nature
    Why 35,000 Walruses Are Hanging Out on a BeachClimate change.
  12. meat eating
    What Does Giraffe Meat Taste Like?“It had a melt-in-your-mouth quality.”
  13. sad things
    Danish Giraffe Killed for Having Unremarkable GenesSeems harsh.
  14. odd things
    Thousands of Parachuting Mice Not Nearly As Adorable As It SoundsBecause they were dead.
  15. flower power
    Washington’s Stinkiest Flower to Reach Peak Smell on MondayIts first bloom ever.
  16. when bees attack diplomats
    Hillary Clinton Chased Out of Malawi by BeesBees everywhere!
  17. benevolent bears
    California Man Attacked by Lion, Rescued by Bear“Whoa, whoa, whoa, lion, I’m the king of this jungle.”
  18. nature
    Free Trees in NYCCountdown until the secondary market pops up…
  19. the out of doors
    The Wall Street Journal Really Endorses Climbing TreesGet up there already!
  20. nature
    Things You Might See in New York City Today: a TornadoA tornado watch is on for the city and surrounding areas.
  21. nature
    Is It Really the Worst Allergy Season Ever This Time?Some people say yes! But they always say that.
  22. nature
    Consider Re-Parking Your Car in a Non-Tree AreaBecause there could be another tornado today.
  23. freak events
    Those Tornadoes That Hit Brooklyn and Queens Were Tornadoes, After AllMeteorologists confirmed the twisters today.
  24. freak events
    There Was Definitely a Tornado in New Jersey Last NightNo word yet on whether there was actually one here in New York.
  25. nature
    The Best Videos From the Brooklyn TornadoOr whatever that crazy freak weather event was.
  26. nature
    Earth Shows Humanity Who’s Boss (Again)Sinkhole swallows building, entire intersection, in Guatemala.
  27. photo op
    God Obviously Angry That Obama Wasn’t at Arlington YesterdayA violent storm cancels his speech.
  28. checking in on voles
    British Water Voles Acting UnusualScientists have found evidence that the adorable furry creatures may be turning carnivorous.
  29. animanhattan
    Make Way for Ducklings, the New York EditionA really adorable thing happened yesterday.
  30. monsters
    Is This a Monster or Just a Prehistoric Sea Creature?Either way, it is terrifying.
  31. early and often
    Into the Woods With Hank PaulsonThe former Treasury secretary talked the financial crisis and forest fires at the 92nd Street Y tonight.
  32. Home Births in New York: Why?An unnatural trend toward naturalness is sweeping New York.
  33. in other news
    TGIPD: Thank God It’s Pigeon Day!It’s time to pay respect to our fine feathered friends, those adorable little birdies that crap 25 pounds of poop on our city every year. Bless them!
  34. the morning line
    No Good News • It pales in comparison to Virginia, but it shouldn’t: A disturbed Queens man killed his mother and two others before killing himself. The mother is said to have called the police seven times seeking protection, the last time minutes before her death. [NYDN] • The Virginia Tech gunman addressed his manifesto to “30 Rockefeller Avenue, NY, NY 10102” — and it still made it to NBC: the one package that would probably be better off lost. [NYT] • Oh, great, look who’s coming to Manhattan: JCPenney. The company will open a 150,000-square-foot store in the midtown. A Lower East Side branch is surely to follow by, oh, 2012. [CNN Money] • The Times produces a think piece on the New Jersey Governors Who Speed, interviewing a Christie Whitman staffer and Thomas Kean. The consensus is that speeding is “just part of the culture.” [NYT] • And the final bummer on a wretched morning: The Gowanus whale is dead. Surprisingly, not from poisoning; the poor thing struck a “rocky ridge.” We suspect suicide. [NYP]
  35. photo op
    A Whale Floats in Brooklyn* A Squib On a Whale** As it turns out, “there’s a whale in the Gowanus Canal” sounds much more exciting than it looks. * We were trying to go with a Squid and the Whale reference, but nothing worked. Feel free to e-mail better suggestions. ** And the winner is the inimitable Adam Sternbergh, who, whether highbrow or low, is always brilliant.
  36. the morning line
    Mother of Mercy, Is This the End of San Gennaro? • Now that’s not very Italian! A subcommittee of Little Italy’s community board voted against approving the annual San Gennaro feast, calling it a noisy nuisance. (The CB’s votes are merely recommendations to the city, though.) Zeppoles will fly! [NYDN] • Every night can be a night at the museum if you’re the lucky (and rich) person who paid $276,000 for a dinosaur skull, or $4,500 for a mummy’s hand, at yesterday’s I.M. Chait Gallery natural-history auction. [NYT] • Hillary sets a new early fund-raising record, trotting out five-star attraction Bill and netting an Obama-and-Edwards-are-gagging-worthy $10 mil over four events in one week. [NYDN] • Not just the real thing, but kosher, too. The just-for-Passover version of Coca-Cola — made with real sugar, not corn syrup, because corn’s among the Passover no-nos — is again available in area supermarkets. [NYP] • State Senator Jeff Klein wants to rat out (ha!) dirty restaurants by giving eateries an A-through-F health grade they must post at their doors. Can penitent taco chains earn an “E” for effort? [amNY]
  37. photo op
    January Continues Bustin’ Out All Over The city’s odd new June-in-January weather system — high of 61 today! high of 67 tomorrow! — isn’t confusing only to Brooklyn’s cherry trees; a walk near the office this morning revealed hard-bitten midtown flora is equally flummoxed. Grass growing in Rockefeller Center tree planters in the dead of winter? Madness! [Snap a Photo Op–worthy shot? Send it to us at intel@nymag.com.] Earlier: January Is Bustin’ Out All Over
  38. photo op
    January Is Bustin’ Out All Over Warm weather in January: delightful, right? Well, yes, for us. For the cherry trees in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, less so. Their branches should be bare at this time of year — and for a few months longer — but were blossoming exuberantly today. Happy global warming, kids! The Five-Year Forecast [NYM]