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Navy Yard Shooting

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    U.S. Sues Firm That Vetted Snowden for Fraud [UPDATED]The government says 40 percent of its investigations were incomplete.
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    FBI Releases Chilling Footage of Navy Yard Shooter Aaron AlexisAnd more details from the investigation so far.
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    Obama Wants to Keep Pushing for Gun Control“Our tears are not enough,” said Obama. “Our words and our prayers are not enough.”
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    Same Company Did Background Checks for Aaron Alexis, Edward SnowdenThat doesn’t look good.
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    What Did The Pentagon Know About Aaron Alexis’s Recent Troubles?A run-in with police went unreported.
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    Aaron Alexis Carved Strange Messages Into Gun“Better off this way” and “My ELF weapon.”
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    Congress Signals It’s Through With Gun ControlThe Navy Yard tragedy gets a more muted response than previous shootings.
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    Navy Yard Shooter Bought a Gun the Day BeforeNo background checks caught his history of problems.
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    AR-15 Officially Not an Unnecessarily Dangerous Weapon AnymoreHe used a shotgun and two handguns. 
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    Aaron Alexis Was Once a New Yorker With a Gun PermitHe had NYPD approval to use a rifle at ranges.
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    D.C. Gunman Had Clearance, Despite Gun IncidentsAaron Alexis also purchased guns recently.
  12. Piers Morgan Kind of Blames President Obama for D.C. Shooting“You promised action after Sandy Hook @BarackObama - where is it?”
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    Aaron Alexis Identified As Washington Navy Yard Shooting SuspectA 34-year-old civilian contractor from Texas.