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Nazi Comparisons

  1. sochi olympics 2014
    So This Happened: Hitler’s Winter Olympics in PhotosSo many swastikas.
  2. Atheist Billboard Could Lead to Christian Holocaust, State Senator Warns He wants a boycott of … Times Square?
  3. nazi comparisons
    Silvio Berlusconi’s Kids Are Living a Second HolocaustThey made a pretty bad Nazi analogy. 
  4. John McCain Wants Ted Cruz’s Nazi Analogy to Get Off His LawnJohn McCain and Ted Cruz hate each other. 
  5. godwin’s law
    Mike Godwin on Godwin’s Law and Nazi ComparisonsYou know who else made laws?
  6. nazi comparisons
    California Democratic Party Chairman Likens Paul Ryan to Nazi PropagandistDon’t do that.
  7. nazi comparisons
    Maine Gov. LePage Compares IRS, Gestapo Again“Maybe the IRS is not quite as bad. Yet.”
  8. loose cannons
    The Right Calls Obama Hitler. Why Aren’t Jewish Groups Making More Noise?Limbaugh and his ilk have redefined the terms of political debate, and Jewish organizations have not caught up.