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  1. marjorie taylor greene
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Liberals to Nazis — AgainAfter apologizing for comparing COVID-19 measures to the Holocaust, MTG is still calling vaccinators “medical brownshirts.”
  2. israel
    My Grandfather the ZionistHe helped build Jewish American support for Israel. What’s his legacy now?
  3. maga
    Greene’s Logic: Democrats Are Nazis, So Their Agenda Is Like the HolocaustIn the MAGA world, where all Democrats are socialists, and Adolf Hitler was a socialist, all Democratic initiatives are like the Holocaust.
  4. the national interest
    Trump and the Rhetoric of FascismWhy is it worse for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to call Trump a fascist than for Trump to advocate fascism?
  5. migrant crisis
    With Trump’s Migrant Camps, the History We Should Fear Repeating Is Our OwnAOC’s invocation of Nazi concentration camps was legitimate. But the most apt precedents for the crisis at our border were born in the USA.
  6. nazis
    U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks Compares Democrats, Media to HitlerNo smear is too stupid or disgusting for Mo Brooks in his effort to win Trump’s support for a possible 2020 Senate race.
  7. book excerpt
    Was Architect Philip Johnson a Nazi Spy?A decade before he grew famous for his Glass House, he was enthusiastically at home in the Third Reich.
  8. migrant caravan
    The GOP’s Caravan Propaganda Is Aiding Nazis for No Good ReasonTrump says that Democrats are orchestrating an invasion of the U.S., using migrants as their shock troops. Robert Bowers said the same of Jews.
  9. charlottesville protests
    Study: 24 Million White Americans Have Alt-Right Beliefs. What’s That Mean?A new study suggests that 12 percent of white Americans pass a test for adherence to white identity politics. That’s a lot of people.
  10. select all
    Twitter Purge: Alt-Right and White-Nationalist Accounts Disappeared From TwitterBye-bye, Nazis.
  11. DI Politics Chat: How Should the Media Cover Nazis?Five New York staffers chatted about that New York Times profile and the broader question of how (and whether) to write about Nazis.
  12. select all
    Twitter Stops Verifying Users After Verifying White SupremacistThe company says it’s reevaluating the process and won’t be verifying anybody new for the time being.
  13. select all
    Here’s How to Use Twitter’s Built-in Nazi-Blocking FeatureWhy wait for Dorsey to come around when you can punch Nazis off of your Twitter timeline all by yourself.
  14. select all
    It Took Twitter Only 90 Minutes to Track and Knock Out a NaziAnti-fascist Twitter users in Seattle IDed and helped locate a man wearing a swastika armband.
  15. Trump’s Anti-Anti-Racism Appeals to His Base’s White Racial GrievanceTrump’s core supporters seem fine with his inflammatory remarks on the Charlottesville violence because of a strong belief in white victimization.
  16. select all
    The ‘Ironic Nazi’ Is Coming to an EndWhat happens when frictionless sharing meets a world that’s all friction.
  17. select all
    Mike Godwin — of Godwin’s Law — Wants You to Call These Dudes NazisGodwin’s law says that if you talk about something online long enough, eventually somebody will make a Hitler comparison.
  18. Rest Easy, Trump Is ‘Small Potatoes Compared to Nazi Germany,” Says GOP RepThe U.S. beat Hitler, so it can survive Trump, he said.
  19. select all
    Mastodon Doesn’t Have Nazis. Yet.A new social network offers a respite from online toxicity, mostly because few are on it.
  20. Nazi-Affiliated Hungarian Group: Sebastian Gorka Swore a Loyalty Oath to UsGorka’s consistently shady ties to anti-Semitic and racist Hungarian political organizations continue to dog him.
  21. select all
    Why Disney and PewDiePie Were Doomed From the StartChan culture and corporations don’t mix.
  22. CIA Chief Not Pleased That Incoming President Likened the CIA to NazisThe president-elect starts a messy, public feud with the director of the CIA, just days before inauguration.
  23. lebensraum
    Nazi-Founded L.I. Town Restricted to ‘Germans Only’ Is Sued for Discrimination“It’s terrible for everyone — for the kids, for us and even for our dogs.”
  24. Former Nazis Received $20.2 Million in Social Security BenefitsCongress prevented these payments from happening last year. 
  25. Shared Hatred of Nazis Finally Unites Democrats and RepublicansCongress has moved to take their Social Security.
  26. war crimes and misdemeanors
    Nazi War Criminals Expelled From the U.S. Still Collect Social Security Benefits were reportedly used as an incentive to get them out of the country.
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Uber Logo Paired With Swastika in Potential Hate CrimeIt was bound to happen eventually.
  28. lucky old nazis
    Suspected Nazi Living in Philadelphia Dies Right Before ExtraditionA judge approved sending him to Germany today, but it was too late.
  29. the internet
    All the Nazi Jokes During Germany vs. BrazilA brutal first half leads to some brutal one-liners.
  30. war crimes and misdemeanors
    Oldest Nazi Yet, an 89-Year-Old Accused Auschwitz Guard, Arrested in U.S.Germany is trying to extradite an octogenarian for his crimes during World War II.
  31. white men with money
    Billionaire Sorry He’s Not Sorry for Comparing Inequality Talk to HitlerHome Depot founder Kenneth Langone takes back his original take-back.
  32. taxi!
    Swastika-Wearing Cabbie Doesn’t ‘Hate Jews’Well.
  33. taxi!
    Nazi Cabbie Slapped on the Wrist for Swastika ArmbandThe very public anti-Semite was suspended for 30 days.
  34. white men with money
    Ken Langone Becomes Latest Billionaire Victim of Hitler’s Nazi TacticsTom Perkins got through to at least one ally.
  35. Hillary Clinton Compares Putin to Hitler Again“I’m not making a comparison, certainly,” but …
  36. people who did not see this coming
    California’s DMV Did Not See This ComingThat joke has never been more appropriate. 
  37. very old nazis
    Former Nazi Still Resides in Queens, Despite Decade of ProtestsHe says he’s “starting to get used to it.”
  38. international news
    1,500 Nazi-Looted Paintings Found in Guy’s Attic in MunichThanks to a random check three years ago.
  39. ‘Hundreds’ of Nazis Still Living in America?How did this happen?
  40. awful things
    Nazi Dad Expecting Another Child He’ll Try to RuinWhy.
  41. bad ideas
    Father of ‘Adolf Hitler’ Fights for Custody in Nazi UniformGood luck with that.
  42. school daze
    Writing Assignment at Albany High School: Explain Why ‘Jews Are Evil’This was maybe not the best idea. 
  43. oops
    Tea Party Patriots Didn’t Mean to Call Karl Rove a NaziBlame Bing.
  44. early and awkward
    Maine Governor Admits Obamacare Isn’t Quite As Bad As NazismTime to find a new metaphor (not 9/11).
  45. religion
    Swastika Rehabilitation Day Fails AgainThe Raelian UFO cult is behind the futile campaign.
  46. jews
    Borough Park Buildings Defaced With SwastikasReal original.
  47. international intrigue
    Israel Could Make It Illegal to Compare Someone to a Nazi Civil liberties groups are alarmed because the law would essentially shut down all Internet message boards and comment threads. 
  48. Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism Was Using an Altered Nazi ImageNow there’s a Twitter fight about it!
  49. jews
    Bad News for Old NazisNazi hunters are making a new push to prosecute Nazi war criminals before they die.
  50. bon mots
    Nazi Allusions Are the International Language of PoliticsSpanish-language newspaper in Georgia makes the governor look like Hitler.
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