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  1. oh hitler!
    The Nazis Were Obsessed With a Dog in Finland That Did a Nazi ImpressionThose Nazis were some weird dudes.
  2. cable news
    Talk Box: Kentucky Reminds Chris Matthews of Thirties GermanyPlus, Keith Olbermann interviews the MoveOn.org rep who got her head stomped on.
  3. early and awful
    Congressional Candidate Makes Christine O’Donnell Look Like the President of the ACLUHe thinks the separation of church and state was invented by Hitler, or something.
  4. the new adventures of old christine
    Fun With the Christine O’Donnell ArchivesShe would tell the Nazis about hidden Jews?
  5. early and awkward
    Charlie Crist Compares Himself to HitlerThis was not the right metaphor.
  6. glenn beck
    Lewis Black Exposes Glenn Beck’s ‘Nazi Tourette’s’“It’s Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, except there’s just one degree … and Kevin Bacon is Hitler.”
  7. glenn beck
    Glenn Beck: Despite What You Might Think, Nazis Were Not Right-WingForget “everything you’ve been told.”
  8. neighborhood news
    Public Theater Accused of Loving HitlerZoning decisions – comment-thread-style!
  9. early and often
    The ‘Daily News’ Heils HillaryIn a darkly lit, dramatic silhouette of the former First Lady, we think we recognize a certain salute.
  10. in other news
    Nazis, ‘Cats’ Conspire Against Mendelssohn, PicassoLet’s say your parents force you to give away your puppy. A month later, you walk past a pet store and see Fido — and he’s unmistakably yours — in the window, for sale. It’s not a good feeling, and, ultimately, there’s not much you can do. Julius H. Schoeps is experiencing something similar, except his puppy is a Picasso. As auction season gets started, a Manhattan judge yesterday dismissed a suit in which Schoeps tried to stop Christie’s from selling The Absinthe Drinker; he says his great-uncle was forced to sell the work under duress because of Nazi persecution. The claim didn’t fly, Christie’s wanted to know why the heir waited 70 years to speak up, and the judge ultimately tossed the lawsuit on a technicality. The painting will be auctioned today, and it’s projected to fetch between $40 and $60 million. But what makes this all much more interesting is the cast of characters. The painting’s current owner is Andrew Lloyd Webber, who bought it through his charitable foundation in 1995. And Schoeps is a descendant of Felix Mendelssohn. So not only are judges, painters, and Nazis involved, but the whole business also has the strange auxiliary whiff of a Broadway tunesmith thumbing his nose at the phantom of a classical composer. It’s enough to put anyone in a blue period. Judge Refuses to Halt Auction of a Picasso [NYT] Houses on Fire [NYM]