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    The NBA Draft Is Great. It’s Also Totally Un-American.Sports have some really unfortunate ideas about competition, free markets, and labor, it turns out.
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    The NBA Draft: My Minute-by-Minute Diary“You have to love Sixers fans. They’re just so sad and hopeful.”
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    Will the NBA Draft Answer the Hoop Dreams of Brooklyn’s A.J. Matthews? He’d be the first Division III player to be drafted into the NBA in thirteen years. 
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    Knicks Triumph in the Draft — AlmostPick Jordan Hill was booed in the Garden; his offense was not being Stephen Curry.
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    Knicks Boxed In As NBA Draft ArrivesThe Knicks believe tonight’s draft is seven players deep; their pick is eighth. Three more to look out for.
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    In Draft Lottery, Knicks Can’t Quite Catch a BreakThe Knicks will hold with their No. 8 pick, which is not a terrible spot to be.
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    Knicks Might Actually Have Done Too Well This SeasonThey have the eighth-worst record in the NBA, which is just good enough to push them way down the pecking order for the NBA Draft Lottery.