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  1. master debaters
    The Debate Ratings Are In, and They’re Surprisingly HighABC and Fox News come out on top.
  2. the great morning tv war
    Today Producer Shields Matt Lauer From Ann Curry Criticism Repeatedly.
  3. never forget
    NBC Airs Kardashian Instead of 9/11 TributeSeriously! Watch.
  4. media
    NBC Doesn’t Have Much Incentive to Change Its Olympics Coverage Sorry, Internet.
  5. the internet
    Twitter and NBC Looking Bad in Guy Adams DramaThe journalist’s account is still suspended.
  6. the internet
    Journalist Has Twitter Suspended After Complaining About NBC’s Olympics CoverageTwitter and the network have their reasons, but they’re shaky at best.
  7. 2012 london olympics
    Bob Costas Follows Through on Opening Ceremony Moment of Silence The sportscaster wanted to pay tribute to those killed during the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre.
  8. the great morning tv war
    Today Show Clings to Bragging Rights Over Good Morning AmericaThe Ann Curry Curse is not a thing yet.
  9. cable news news
    NBC and Microsoft Headed for DivorceNBC News gets custody of the website.
  10. the great morning tv war
    Good Morning America Is on a Little Roll Against Savannah GuthrieSavannah Guthrie, meanwhile, begins with a small losing streak.
  11. the great morning tv war
    Savannah Guthrie Got Her Today Show WelcomeThe new era has officially begun.
  12. in other news
    NBC Denies David Gregory Is Getting the Ann Curry TreatmentNo teary good-byes at Meet the Press.
  13. the great morning tv war
    NBC News Head Says Ann Curry Wasn’t ‘Into It’“It” being most of her ‘Today’ responsibilities.
  14. the great morning tv war
    Savannah Guthrie Takes Ann Curry’s SpotFor now, at least.
  15. emotional farewells
    Ann Curry Gave Today a Tearful, Undermine-y Good-bye “This is not as I expected to ever leave this couch after fifteen years.”
  16. network news news
    NBC News ‘Struggling,’ ‘Slipping,’ and ‘Adrift’ in the Ratings WarIn the words of concurrent NYT and WSJ assessments.
  17. the great morning tv war
    Ann Curry on Her Way Out at TodayIt’s just not working.
  18. cable news news
    MSNBC Wants a Real WebsiteMSNBC.com might do.
  19. the great morning tv war
    Good Morning America Beat Today in the Ratings Again Last WeekNow it’s really not a fluke!
  20. media
    Chelsea Clinton at NBC: When Nepotism Goes WrongNetwork insiders are sniping anonymously at their own celebrity creation.
  21. the great morning tv war
    Good Morning America Ends 16-Year Losing StreakAccording to preliminary numbers, at least.
  22. trayvon martin
    NBC Fires Producer Responsible for Edited 911 CallThe disciplinary action reportedly took place on Thursday. 
  23. trayvon martin
    NBC Shielding Producer Responsible for Edited George Zimmerman 911 CallStaffers were reportedly “in shock,” but the network is staying quiet about specifics.
  24. today
    NBC Ponies Up Big Bucks to Keep Matt Lauer on Today [Updated]Lauer will earn a reported $25 million a year.
  25. the great morning tv war
    Katie Couric Got a Ratings Win for Good Morning AmericaABC beat NBC at least one morning this week.
  26. media
    Sarah Palin Beat Katie Couric in the Ratings, But Didn’t Add ViewersNBC just topped ABC as usual.
  27. media
    Sarah Palin Disses Romney As Katie Couric Coasts in Morning-Show BattleIt was a guest-host extravaganza on NBC and ABC today.
  28. media
    Matt Lauer to Sarah Palin: ‘Are You Reading Any Newspapers?’Everyone wins in these morning-show battles.
  29. trayvon martin
    NBC to Internally Investigate Misleading Segment on Zimmerman 911 CallThe 911 call as presented made a major misrepresentation.
  30. the great morning tv war
    Today Sees GMA’s Katie Couric, Raises Them a Sarah PalinThat’s right, Mama Grizzly is headed to NBC.
  31. tv news news
    Chelsea Clinton’s NBC Deal Is Only for 90 DaysAnd she might not re-sign with them.
  32. in other news
    Harry Smith Leaving CBS NewsHe’ll head to NBC.
  33. jerks
    To Catch a Predator Host Reportedly Caught Cheating on His Wife With Former InternHYPOCRITE!
  34. in other news
    Dick Ebersol Resigns From NBC SportsHe couldn’t reach a new deal with Comcast.
  35. morning news news
    Meredith Vieira Will Leave Today in JuneIt’s official.
  36. morning news news
    Times: Ann Curry Expected to Replace Meredith Vieira in JuneNine a.m. anchor Natalie Morales is expected to replace Curry.
  37. in other news
    TV Guide: Meredith Vieira Plans to Leave Today in the FallMornings without Meredith and evenings without Katie! What will we do?
  38. video
    Jon Stewart on NBC News’ Big G.E. ProblemNBC’s parent company sure is involved in a lot of controversial news.
  39. cable news news
    Keith Olbermann Has Reportedly Been Negotiating His Exit for a While“This was all Keith’s choice.”
  40. television-stained wretches
    Expect More Kabletown Jokes On 30 RockThe FCC’s chairman proposes approving the Comcast-NBC deal.
  41. the future is coming
    Government Speeds Up Review of Comcast-NBC MergerThey may put some limits on Comcast, but they won’t stop the deal.
  42. nightly news news
    Brian Williams to America: DVR My Show!NBC News reaches out to the youth and the not-yet-retired.
  43. deciders
    George W. Bush Speaks With Matt Lauer [Updated]Partying like it’s 2003 is a strange experience.
  44. tv
    What Will Be on the New, Improved Weather Channel?Less actual weather, and more reality shows about a “crazy” landscape photographer.
  45. the future is coming
    Network TV vs. Google TV: The Battle to Bring the Internet to Your TV SetIntroducing Google TV, now without episodes from ABC, NBC, or CBS.
  46. today’s special
    Couric Could Return to Today?That’s what “Page Six” hears.
  47. modern sages
    Brokenhearted? Call Chuck ScarboroughAccording to his daughter, the NBC anchor can help mend your wounded heart.
  48. cable news news
    Report: Keith Olbermann Out at Football Night in AmericaThe decision to pull him was not related to his political views.
  49. cable news news
    Piers Morgan Allowed by CNN to Talk to NBC [Updated]This would have been much more fun if it were any kind of surprise.
  50. media moves
    Martin Bashir Heads to NBCWill keep British accent.
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