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Neighborhood Watch

  1. Is Planned Bridge for City Island Really So Hideous?It could be kind of cute.
  2. Lenny Kravitz Sexyhouse Repriced for Gagillionth TimeWill deflated market finally go his way?
  3. Coney to Challenge Mighty Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea MonopolyWhen you think about it, scary kitsch and Coney Island DO go hand in hand…
  4. neighborhood watch
    What Will Go Atop the BQE If They Put a Lid on It?Mayor wants housing, locals want pretty mini-parks, some just want more bridges.
  5. neighborhood watch
    South W’burg Hasidim Gave More Than Four Times As Many Votes to McCain As to ObamaEven though Jews and Brooklynites at large voted for Obama, mostly.
  6. neighborhood watch
    Doctored-Up Holiday Tree Inspires Borscht-Belt Brilliance in BrooklynersGersh Kuntzman, did you make up these quotes?
  7. Raccoon Now Thoroughly at Ease on Clinton Hill Streets’The Racc[o]on was chillin, hard.’
  8. Coney Island Is Trashy, LiterallyNot the overall atmosphere — real trash. Ick!
  9. neighborhood watch
    Who Stole the Rock on East Williamsburg’s Rock Street?There was a big rock there and now it’s gone.
  10. neighborhood watch
    Battle of 47 East 3rd Street Finally ConcludesForeseeing court loss, holdout tenants take buyout deal from landlord.
  11. neighborhood watch
    Building Manager Sued for Doing Heil-Hitler Salute, Calling Building ‘Plantation’Yeah, he pretty much covered all the offensiveness bases.
  12. East Village Landlord to Tenants: I’ll Give You Profits If I’m LyingTenants don’t believe he wants to use the building for his home.
  13. neighborhood watch
    Play a Brooklyn New-Architecture Game With UsPretend it’s a century from now and tell us what’s beautiful about these Fedder-type homes!
  14. neighborhood watch
    Greenpoint and Cobble Hill: Same Great Poopy Smell, Two Different Sources!If it ain’t because of a subpar waste-treatment plant, it’s gotta be a ginkgo-nut rainshower!
  15. neighborhood watch
    Slope Children Predictably Hyperliterate on Election IssuesThank God one of them said a kid-type thing.
  16. neighborhood watch
    Queens Hit With ForeclosuresAn alarming number of Queens homes went into foreclosure last month.
  17. Malcolm Chesney Helped Save Brooklyn Heights When Robert Moses Wanted to Level ItThe architect of the brownstone revival died last week at age 87.
  18. neighborhood watch
    If Someone Wants to Pay You for Sex, Walk AwayThe NYPD is allegedly entrapping men into hustling charges.
  19. Why the Mean Sign in the Village Against Amy Sedaris?’Your story has been rejected!’ What story?
  20. Classy Taste of Tuscany Comes to Red HookPizza and calzone czar to convert garage into Chupi-like villas.
  21. neighborhood watch
    Woman Enjoys Porn on L Train, Offers Running Commentary’Oh, here we go, here we go, there you go, get it…’
  22. neighborhood watch
    Only the Very Best Sarah Palin Costumes Will Be Tolerated’We don’t care if you’re a dude in a wig, either.’
  23. neighborhood watch
    New Real-Estate Record-Breaker in BrooklynBrooklyn Heights mansion goes for $10.8 mil.
  24. neighborhood watch
    Brooklyn Parents, ‘Nanny 911’ Wants You and Your Snotface Kids’Whether it’s potty training, bedtime, fighting or all of the above…’
  25. neighborhood watch
    Slope McCain Supporters Come Out of Woodwork, AnonymouslyLiberals can be so intolerant, they say.
  26. Clown Panhandler Finds Success on G TrainSock-into-bra trick yields major bank from weary commuters.
  27. neighborhood watch
    Mystery of Greenpoint Chimes SolvedIt’s this feedback of sorts from the PA system at the sewage plant.
  28. Sunnyside Outrage Over Shopowners Who Keep But Don’t Feed CatsThe stores starve the cats so they’ll catch more mice, protesters allege.
  29. neighborhood watch
    Brownstone Viciously Attacked by Gang of Anonymous HipstersTony Soprano was consulted on this one, they say.
  30. developing
    NYC Real-Estate Developer Offers ‘Obama Contingency’The developers behind Chelsea’s condo building +aRT are offering an election special.
  31. By the Way, This Man’s Plant Looks Like GaneshAn amaranth plant that looks quite a lot like Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu deity, has sprouted in the backyard of a Queens man.
  32. neighborhood watch
    Columbia and Harlem Make Nice Together on Apollo ProjectInterview archive will chart history of famous theater.
  33. Park Slope Women Dress Up As Palin Out of RageDemocrats do dumb things, too.
  34. neighborhood watch
    The L Train to Get Even More Flashy SignageBut will it relieve the awful crowding in the mornings?
  35. neighborhood watch
    Someone From Williamsburg Had Hot Lucha Libre Sex Last NightGuess how we know?
  36. Frank Gehry Is a ‘Loser,’ Says Web CommenterBrooklyn residents throw stones at the preeminent designer of glass houses.
  37. neighborhood watch
    Editta Sherman, 96-Year-Old SquatterMeet the new face of old-squatting.
  38. neighborhood watch
    Lurid Layout Links Nice Bay Ridge Lady With Dog to ProstitutionIs this woman a happy, dog-loving hooker?
  39. neighborhood watch
    Slopies Turn On Berkeley Carroll SchoolPark Slope’s Berkeley Carroll School is so not feeling the love from its neighbors right now.
  40. neighborhood watch
    Dogs Officially ‘Personae Non Woofis’ in Big Chunks of Prospect ParkEven on a leash!
  41. neighborhood watch
    Smelly Astoria Sewage Plant Yields Plummy Trove of Rich Imagery‘It smells like a thousand dogs have done their business in your yard.’
  42. neighborhood watch
    We’re Gonna Drywall Like It’s 1997The city’s construction workforce soon down to pre-Lewinsky levels!
  43. Heartwarming ‘Grey Gardens’–like Sibling Vignette Out of Carroll GardensGuy, John, and Rose have never been married and so they all still live together.
  44. Tinsley Mortimer Already Looking ‘Exhausted’ From New JobSlogging away in the Greatest Depression real-estate market may be draining her!
  45. neighborhood watch
    Oval Branding Takes Over Stuyvesant TownBut despite the sleekness, they ran out of bagels!
  46. neighborhood watch
    Greenpoint ‘Hot Kielbasa’ Joint Actually a Cocaine RingAs though saying ‘Hot Kielbasa’ weren’t already prurient and loaded enough!
  47. the quotable greatest depression
    ‘As Long As I Have Money for Cat Food and Cigarettes, I’m Fine’The employees at West Village lesbian bar Rubyfruit offer inspirational maxims for the Greatest Depression.
  48. neighborhood watch
    Enter the Park Slope ‘Updos for Obama’ Contest!Get a Sarah Palin beehive for $75 — and the proceeds go to Obama.
  49. neighborhood watch
    You Had to Risk Death to See the Plans to Make Grand Army Plaza Less DeadlySo thanks for your troubles, but don’t expect the plans to come true.
  50. neighborhood watch
    Memo to Guvs Island Lady: Not Just ‘Little Boys’ Like DemolitionsOn Governors Island today, they’ll be demolishing ten buildings. But who says it’s only little boys who will want to watch?
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