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  1. neighborhood watch
    A Karate Krishna Christmukkah to You!Now that’s the spirit of the season.
  2. neighborhood watch
    There’s Mistletoe Hanging Over the Bedford L StopAnd we saw mommy kissing this fashion-forward bear-type dude with a seriously ironically full beard!
  3. neighborhood watch
    A Sweater-Clad Tree Grows in BrooklynThere is this tree wearing a fuzzy orange sweater on 16th Street.
  4. neighborhood watch
    Williamsburg Assistant Principal Used Field-Trip Money for Personal Glamour InitiativeShe spent nearly $5,000 at joints like Victoria’s Secret!
  5. neighborhood watch
    Baychester Home’s Christmas Display Restores Diana Ross to Rightful Place at Birth of ChristThe Garabedian family’s ‘Christmas House’ pinpoints that natural place where the manger scene and showgirls meet.
  6. neighborhood watch
    Ruthless Bubbes in Dreidel SmackdownCutie-pies from four senior homes compete today in the Dreidel Championship.
  7. neighborhood watch
    Please ‘Crub’ Your Dog in Carroll GardensThat’s what the sign says.
  8. neighborhood watch
    Dumbo Likes School Idea, Maybe Not Building It’s Meant to InhabitSaturday meeting will decide the project’s fate.
  9. neighborhood watch
    What’s ‘Too Gay’ for Jackson Heights?It’s the gay ghetto of Queens, after all. Can we say that?
  10. neighborhood watch
    Staten Island No Longer Wants to Be Part of This FamilyYour weird cousin on your father’s side is all pissed off again.
  11. neighborhood watch
    Half Quarter of All Subway Deaths Were of Drunk PeopleJust when you thought you were drinking responsibly by taking mass transit.
  12. neighborhood watch
    Manhattan Home Prices Down 20 Percent Since Summer?Now’s the time to buy! Except, oh, your nest egg is worth nothing now.
  13. neighborhood watch
    Hotel Riverview SRO Tenants to Protest Outside Waverly Inn?This should be good.
  14. neighborhood watch
    Brooklyn More Educated and Baby-Filled Than in 2000More news that won’t surprise you from BK.
  15. neighborhood watch
    Bike Clowns Versus Hasidim Tomorrow Morning in WilliamsburgThe clowns’ll try to keep the new Kent Avenue bike lane clear for bikers. Mayhem may ensue.
  16. neighborhood watch
    Cop Who Clobbered Cyclist IndictedYouTube helped convince a grand jury that the biker wasn’t aiming for him.
  17. neighborhood watch
    Old-Timers Caught in Old-Timey SquabbleAn Upper East side wife assaulted her husband with a frying pan.
  18. neighborhood watch
    Namibian Mission Crumbling on 36th StreetThis building just can’t get a break — unless it’s in the foundation.
  19. neighborhood watch
    Sadoff SpottedDisgraced financier Bernard Madoff was glimpsed smoking, being canoodled.
  20. neighborhood watch
    Brooklyn Bridge Park Construction Finally Starts TodayShort-term benefits might include a Greenmarket and an ice-skating rink.
  21. neighborhood watch
    Slopies Too Savvy for Very Sophisticated Scam Artist’I said no and did not go downstairs to talk to him.’ Brilliant!
  22. neighborhood watch
    New South Ferry Station to Save You From EmbarrassmentYou know you’ve been caught on the wrong car at the last stop on the 1 train once or twice, and have had people look at you like you’re an idiot tourist.
  23. neighborhood watch
    Parts of Brooklyn That Feel Richer and Whiter Really Are!One-fifth of black and Hispanic families have left the west-of-Prospect-Park area in seven years.
  24. neighborhood watch
    No School Library for Bronx KidsAt least 17,000 kids are going without Amelia Bedelia.
  25. neighborhood watch
    Gansevoort Landlord Burns His Tenant, Praises RivalApparently, the center of the meatpacking will no longer be that giant swatch of stiletto-unfriendly cobblestones in front of the Gansevoort.
  26. neighborhood watch
    Seatless Subway Cars to Relieve All Human Covetousness, Spite, CompetitionWhich lucky subway line will be the one with its seats locked upward during rush hour next spring?
  27. neighborhood watch
    Atlantic Yards Turns Five Today!Kind of like if you had a 5-year-old who couldn’t read or use the toilet yet.
  28. neighborhood watch
    Some Greenpointers: If Gunk Is Seeping Into House, We’d Rather Not KnowEnviro-honchos are having a hard time testing all homes to get the full picture.
  29. neighborhood watch
    Palm-Size Gaydar Device Available on Coney Island’Just point this mechanism at your target and press the button!’ Isn’t that what you do anyway?
  30. neighborhood watch
    The Rooms, They Are a’Changin’Including Bob Dylan’s old room at the Chelsea Hotel. New management wants to renovate it.
  31. real estate porn
    Real World: Brooklyn House: Headache-yThe Gothamist crew got a peek into the ‘Real World’ Red Hook loft, and it ain’t pretty.
  32. neighborhood watch
    McCarren Park Hawk Has Own Laconic MySpace Page’About me: i eat squirrels, pigeons and rats … i am becoming very famous.’
  33. neighborhood watch
    One Woman’s Christmas Nightmare Is Her Teenage Son’s Christmas DreamA billboard with a stripper on it comes between a mother and son.
  34. neighborhood watch
    The Mysterious Baby-Pacifier Tree of Borough ParkThey’re gross to look at up close, but it’s pretty from a distance!
  35. neighborhood watch
    Citi Field Will Still Be Called ThatEven though Citigroup got a big fat federal bailout.
  36. neighborhood watch
    Debate Rages in Greenpoint Over Semiotics of Breast-FeedingA poster for a ‘Breast-Feeding Circle’ has set off a heated gentrification debate.
  37. neighborhood watch
    Old Flushing Airport to Get Fresh Kills–Type Park Treatment?Turning enviro-nightmares into recreational greenways is the new city rage!
  38. neighborhood watch
    City Closing Populist Bronx Yacht Club’We are poor people. Middle class, high class — they don’t appreciate this like we do.’
  39. neighborhood watch
    Protected Bike Lane Perhaps Now Gay Enough for Chelsea Main DragEven though gay-bar owner ‘said he needed room for his trucks to unload deliveries at the bar.’ Hot nasty talk!
  40. neighborhood watch
    Happy Evacuation Day!Seriously, it’s a real New York holiday!
  41. Seventh Generation Founder Responds to Complaints From Tenants About‘Awful’ ConditionsSort of…
  42. AOL, Who Are You to Ignore Marty Markowitz?The borough president’s attempt to resolve a technical issue on behalf of a constituent has been ignored by the Internet provider.
  43. Queens Borough President Helen Marshall Disses Architect Philip Johnson’He’s not the only artist in the world.’
  44. Wronged Librarian Scores $25,000 After E-mail Mix-UpThe Staten Island librarian’s assistant who was arrested after his boss claimed he sent her a filthy e-mail has been vindicated.
  45. neighborhood watch
    Judge Hearing Suit to Undo Boerum Hill Jail ReopeningBloomberg blew off the proper approvals process, the suit alleges.
  46. neighborhood watch
    Lower East Side Perhaps Not Best Place to Find Rich Older ‘Companion’Did this enterprising job-seeker perhaps confuse it with the Upper East Side?
  47. neighborhood watch
    Magic Johnson Dogged by Worker on His Fort Greene CondoThe legend’s invested in a project using non-union workers who say they can’t afford health care.
  48. neighborhood watch
    I.M. Pei’s Silver Towers Indeed LandmarkedThis is a setback for NYU, which wanted to build more towers in the area — but it isn’t a complete block.
  49. Good-bye, WNot the president, the train.
  50. neighborhood watch
    NYU’s Pei-Designed Silver Towers Probably to Get Landmark Status TodayBut will that keep NYU from building new high-rises there?
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