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  1. blind thy neighbor
    Tribeca Resident Goes Nuclear in Dispute: Suit The suit claims a Tribeca woman positioned a spotlight, strobe lights, and a disco ball to shine into her neighbor’s apartment.
  2. city living
    What New Yorkers Learned From Actually Having to Meet Their NeighborsFive novelists talk to their neighbors for the first time, nine New Yorkers share their fantasies about the ones they’ve never met, and how to deal with less-than-ideal ones.
  3. school daze
    Queens Frat Channels Zac Efron in NeighborsThere goes the neighborhood.
  4. A Machine for People Who Ignore Their NeighborsKeyMe kiosks, coming to Manhattan 7-Elevens, will make your spare key for you. 
  5. preoccupied with occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street’s Neighbors Are AnnoyedBlame the drum circle.
  6. neighborhood news
    Turd-Hurling: The Mature Way to Deal With a Property DisputeLeave a special calling card for your neighbor.