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  1. the national interest
    A Conservative Looks at the History of the Right With Surprising HonestyConservative Matthew Continetti’s The Right debunks his tribe’s historical illusions.
  2. politics
    Never Trump ‘Red Dogs,’ Democrats’ Litmus Tests Are Not About YouDemocrats spent years achieving a progressive consensus and are far from total unity. But they can’t turn back the clock to please ex-Republicans.
  3. vision 2020
    Have ‘Never Trumpers’ Become a Democratic Faction?Like the neoconservatives of the 1980s, the Never Trumpers represent a small but significant migration from one party to the other.
  4. Does Bolton Represent an Unhinged ‘Cheney/Trump Wing’ of the GOP?Maybe Bolton — like Cheney and Trump — doesn’t represent any school of foreign-policy “thinking,” but instead pure bellicose action.
  5. Donald Trump Is Becoming a Regular Republican Hawk on Foreign PolicyDays after threatening to bomb Iran over rude “gestures,” Trump names a man who pushed for regime change in Iraq — in 1998 — as a senior adviser.
  6. national interest
    The Neocons Have Gone From GOP Thought-Leaders to OutcastsIn the Donald Trump era, they are a sect without a party.