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  1. the most important people in the world
    Blogger Who Posted Tila Tequila Picture Gets Cease-and-Desist LetterReally? But isn’t that the whole point of Tila Tequila?
  2. in other news
    Nerve Kids’ Site Encourages Dads to Bend Over and Enjoy ItExciting news for gruppy parents today on Nerve-offshoot baby-site Babble.com. The site’s Stroller Derby blog has word of a new product called the Daddle, a saddlelike contraption that allows Pops, once he straps it on, to get down on all fours and have Junior ride him like, well, a horse. Only Nerve, of course, would find the one children’s product that is impossible to describe without sounding absolutely filthy. There’s no word on whether riding crop and backless chaps are included. Or whether it can be used for, uh, off-label purposes. The Daddle? Now I’ve Seen Everything [Stroller Derby/Babble] The Daddle [Official site]
  3. in other news
    Babes in NervelandWhen we heard Nerve, the ur-intellectual sex site, was launching a baby site, Babble, we were dismayed. Of course, according to a film we viewed in sixth grade, offspring is one of the natural outgrowths of coitus, and, judging by our friends’ children, Babyville, like sexville, seems to involve a lot of rough stripping and plastic accessories. Still — unlike sex — having children is a personal act. We understand people do it, but we don’t need to hear about it or anything. We thought our fears were confirmed when we saw today’s yawn-inducing headline on one of Babble’s blogs, Stroller Derby: “Kids Are Never Too Sick for a Double-Cheeseburger.” Then we read it: A friend of mine is a gastroenterologist. Whenever I ask him to tell me horror stories from his job, I hear one of two things: 1. He pulled a 12-inch black dildo out of some dude’s ass (and the dudes invariably say they slipped in the shower and “fell on” the dildo). Whoa. Pass the nipple! Kids Are Never Too Sick for a Double Cheeseburger [Babble/Stroller Derby]