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Net Neutrality

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    The Democrats Are Trying to Bring Back a Free, Open InternetThe Democrats have introduced a bill that would restore the FCC’s 2015 net neutrality order.
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    Justice Department Sues California Over Net-Neutrality LawJeff Sessions was ready and waiting.
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    Targeted ‘Attack’ on FCC Was Just John Oliver FansThe FCC inspector general disputes a previous claim about a DDoS attack.
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    The Coming Sad Decline of the Post–Net Neutrality InternetNet neutrality is dead. But the internet’s been dying for a while.
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    Even Dead, Net Neutrality Can Be a Useful Political ToolCongress is divided on the issue, voters are not.
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    Rhode Island Wants You to Apply, Pay $20 to Look at PornA proposed law in the Ocean State would require all ISPs to block access to adult and offensive content — unless you pay the state $20.
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    Can Net Neutrality Be Restored? The Last-ditch Efforts to Save the Open InternetCongress might not be able to save the open internet — but the courts might.
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    The Senate Will Vote on Whether to Keep Net-Neutrality Protections in PlaceThirty bill co-sponsors are forcing a vote on the issue.
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    The Internet Can Save Itself From Ajit Pai. Just Not Here.Ajit Pai may be right that ending net neutrality will increase competition. Just not the competition he wants.
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    Harlem Shake Creator Is ‘Taking Action’ Against FCC Chairman for His Awful VideoFCC chairman Ajit Pai used Harlem Shake in an anti-net-neutrality video earlier this week.
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    The FCC Votes to Dismantle Net NeutralityThe long-expected vote finally happened.
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    Ajit Pai Made a ‘Viral’ Video With a Wannabe PizzagaterDaily Caller reporter Martina Markota, who appears in the stunt, promoted Pizzagate in an older video.
  13. Fake Americans Dominated the Net-Neutrality DebateBots inundated the FCC with anti-net-neutrality comments. And the Trump administration is hampering an investigation into how that happened.
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    The Fight Over Net Neutrality Is a Protection RacketNice internet you have there — a shame if something happened to it.
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    Without Net Neutrality, What Happens to My Netflix?It’s net neutrality versus Netflix, and you’ll be the loser.
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    Here’s How the FCC Plans to Ruin the Open InternetA big win for telecom and a huge loss for everyone else.
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    GAO to Investigate Fishy Claims That FCC Comment System Was ‘Hacked’The public was supposed to deliver feedback on net-neutrality rollbacks when the weirdest thing happened: The FCC got hacked!
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    Verizon’s New ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans Are Great If You Love Slow InternetRaking customers over the coals again.
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    Net-Neutrality Protests Result in Millions of Comments to the GovernmentThe FCC and Congress have a lot of reading to do.
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    The Free, Open Internet Is Doomed for the Foreseeable FutureWhy raise your voice when nobody is willing to listen?
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    Attorney General Schneiderman: Open-Internet Rollbacks ‘Would Be a Disaster’Talking with New York’s attorney general about net neutrality and what his office has seen while investigating broadband providers.
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    Netflix CEO: Nah, We’re Not Going to Save the Free, Open WebNetflix will be just fine.
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    FCC Begins Effort to Let Your Cable Company Screw YouThe commission opened debate on rolling back consumer protections.
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    Bots Are Fighting for Control of the FCC’s Comments SectionSomeone’s using the names and addresses of real people to flood the zone against net neutrality.
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    Forget ‘Free, Open Internet’: Your Cable Company Wants to Screw You OverLet’s reframe the debate.
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    We Know How Internet Providers Will Screw Us Over, Because They Did It BeforeWith Trump’s FCC deregulating broadband, your internet provider will be able to pull the same tricks it did before regulation.
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    Trump’s New FCC Chair Wants to Make the Internet WorseThe FCC will consider undoing rules protecting the open internet.
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    Will Trump’s Trolls Allow Him to End the Open Internet?The trolls and activists among Donald Trump’s most fervent online supporters are divided about his likely internet policies.
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    Say Good-bye to the Last Pillar of the Free, Open InternetDonald Trump’s new FCC commissioner is an avowed foe of the principles of an open internet.
  30. Net Neutrality Lives on After Federal Court RulingGood for Netflix. Bad for AT&T.
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    The FCC Wants to Let Us Choose What the Internet Knows About UsEver wonder why you get travel ads after you visit Expedia.com?
  32. FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules, and Broadband Companies Are MiffedVerizon protests with Morse code and typewriters. 
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    FCC Set to Pass Net Neutrality RulesThe new net neutrality rules don’t seem to please anyone.
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    The FCC Sorta Tries to Keep the Internet Kinda FreeAnother proposal on net neutrality.
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    Comcast Finds a Way to Make Netflix Pay for Clogging Up the InternetDuring peak times, Netflix represents 20 percent of online traffic in the United States.
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    Man Who Invented the Internet Thinks Facebook Is Bad for the Web“The more you enter, the more you become locked in.”
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    All 95 Congressional Candidates Who Supported the Net Neutrality Bill Lost the ElectionThe net is about to get very biased.
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    Google Is Having a Pretty Crappy Friday the 13thPeople have a lot of bones to pick with you, Google.
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    Jon Stewart Blasts John McCain’s New BillMcCain’s “Internet Freedom Act” is the exact opposite of what it sounds like.