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  1. screen time
    The Streaming Era Pauses for an Ad BreakHow Netflix — and everyone else — learned to love commercials again.
  2. the money game
    What the Hell Happened to Netflix?The company lost 200,000 subscribers this quarter and expects another 2 million will flee by July.
  3. wall street
    The End of the Pandemic Boom Is NighNetflix, Peloton, and other Wall Street winners of the pandemic economy are running out of steam.
  4. pivot
    What Netflix’s Bad Quarter MeansThe company is facing production delays and much more competition, but betting against it has usually been unwise.
  5. pivot
    Why Netflix Should Buy Spotify Right NowScott Galloway and Kara Swisher offer ideas on how Netflix could capitalize on its massive gains during the pandemic.
  6. the economy
    The Companies That Stand to Profit From the PandemicNot everyone suffers when the GDP and Dow collapse.
  7. netflix
    Netflix Beat Wall Street Forecasts. So Why Did Its Stock Fall?Intensifying competition in the U.S. and questions about cash flow raise existential questions for the streaming giant.
  8. tech boot camp
    How to Kick Former Friends Off Your Streaming AccountsPassword mooching is an epidemic. Luckily, you have the power to stop it.
  9. buyer’s market
    Disney+: Don’t Call It Unbundling. Call It Rebundling.Think of Disney’s growing family of streaming apps like you did your old cable package, with the option for various add-ons.
  10. docuseries
    What The Family Reveals About White Evangelicals, Trump, and the ‘Wolf King’A conversation with director Jesse Moss and journalist Jeff Sharlet.
  11. long vs. short
    Long vs. Short: Has Netflix Peaked?Subscribers are down. Friends is on its way out. Depending on whom you listen to, those developments are either harbingers or blips.
  12. the top line
    Is Netflix Necessary?The streaming giant might be facing a moment of truth about its business model.
  13. film
    Revisiting Brazil’s Dizzying Fall Into Far-Right RuleNetflix’s The Edge of Democracy offers an intimate look at living through profound political changes that once seemed ridiculously impossible.
  14. life in pixels
    Force Majeure Going Viral on Twitter Can Save CinemaOne Weird Trick for getting audiences to watch foreign and art house films.
  15. data privacy
    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Saved All Your AnswersNetflix won’t say for how long or where it is storing your data.
  16. streaming wars
    Netflix: We’re Upping Prices. Hulu: We’re Cheaper Now!Hulu’s ad-free package price will remain the same, though.
  17. select all
    You Might Want to Check Your Netflix BillFifty-eight million subscribers in the United States are getting their monthly rates increased.
  18. they did bird on a box
    Netflix Doesn’t Need to Use Memes to Get You to WatchDid memes make everyone watch Bird Box, or are they just a symptom of Netflix’s vast power?
  19. netflix
    It Would Take You 62 Days Straight to Watch Everything Netflix Made in 2018No bathroom breaks allowed.
  20. select all
    Please Calm Down About the Bird Box ChallengePeople aren’t actually walking into oncoming traffic blindfolded.
  21. select all
    Here’s How Long Netflix Has to Convince You to Watch a ShowThe company knows it doesn’t have much time to sell you on a series or movie.
  22. select all
    Review: Netflix’s Tau Is Not a Good Movie, But It Takes Place in a Nice HouseThere are a few moments when the horror gives way to almost hominess — when it’s a little less Saw and a little more Better Homes and Gardens.
  23. select all
    Without Net Neutrality, What Happens to My Netflix?It’s net neutrality versus Netflix, and you’ll be the loser.
  24. select all
    Netflix Says Its Top Competitor Is, Well, SleepYou’re not the only one trading rest to squeeze in a few more episodes.
  25. select all
    Apple Commits a Small Fraction of Its Billions to Original TV ShowsIt’s playing catch-up with Netflix.
  26. select all
    Netflix CEO: Nah, We’re Not Going to Save the Free, Open WebNetflix will be just fine.
  27. select all
    Netflix Glitch Recommends Slasher Flicks to Rom-Com FansAccording to Netflix, V for Vendetta is about sports and The Lovely Bones is a comedy.
  28. select all
    There’s a Very Specific Limit to What People Will Pay for NetflixOf course, you could always just borrow a password from a friend for free.
  29. The Nightmare World of Leo the Lion, Netflix’s Worst MovieDeep within the bowels of Netflix, a menace lurks.
  30. Graffiti Artist Returns Wayward Meme to Its OwnerNetflix headquarters and chill.
  31. Lean Out, DadsHow parental-leave policies aimed at dads could help close the gender pay gap.
  32. international affairs
    Cubans Can Now Enjoy the Freedom of Netflix Binge-WatchingThe streaming service will start operating there as of today.
  33. netflix
    Netflix Scraps Qwikster Split Before It Even StartedNever mind! Oops. Ha ha?
  34. netflix
    What on Earth Is Netflix Thinking?CEO Reed Hastings probably has a plan.
  35. the internet
    Netflix Failed to Secure the Qwikster Twitter From a Foulmouthed PotheadJason Castillo is an overnight Internet celebrity.
  36. the future is coming
    Phase One of Amazon’s Plan to Destroy Netflix Is Now CompleteAmazon is starting to offer unlimited video streaming.
  37. the future is coming
    Netflix Made Some Nerds Very Angry TodayPeople feel real strongly about that “Add to DVD queue” button.
  38. the future is coming
    Despite Soaring Stocks, Netflix Might Be in for a Bumpy RideA look at Netflix’s future potential.
  39. the future is coming
    Comcast Finds a Way to Make Netflix Pay for Clogging Up the InternetDuring peak times, Netflix represents 20 percent of online traffic in the United States.
  40. cord cutters anonymous
    New Nielsen Study Shows Some Americans Will Just Watch TV All the Time, No Matter WhatGood news for cable companies! Bad news for waistlines!
  41. the future is coming
    Truce Between Hulu and Boxee Could Hurt Google TVWill someone come out on top soon, please? Because we want to watch Hulu on our TV.
  42. the morning line
    What’s the Catch? • Bill Clinton raised funds for Hillary by hosting a $2,300-per-bike spinning class (and didn’t even exercise). Since the total take from the event was a mere $70,000, the SoulCycle studio seems to be the real winner here. [NYT] • Our future First Lady Judith Giuliani attempts to divert attention from her husband’s two previous marriages by discussing her own two previous marriages — the first of which was a Las Vegas elopement at the age of 20. Not with a cousin, sadly. [NYDN] • Speaking of multiple marriages — polygamy! In New York! Unveiled, in a bitter irony, by the tragic fire in the Bronx (the victim paterfamilias had two wives at home) is a “soaring” practice among immigrants from West Africa. [NYT] • Was Houdini poisoned? His relatives are asking to dig up the magician’s Queens grave to find out. That’s on top of the annual séance to invoke his spirit. Leave the guy alone. You don’t want him angry. [amNY] • And, OMG, free Netflix: The Brooklyn Public Library is thinking about teaming up with the red-envelope peddler to develop a no-charge home-delivery system for DVDs. We’re a little confused as to what’s in it for Netflix, but that’s none of our business, is it? [NYP]