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New Hampshire Primary

  1. politics
    Despite Iowa-Caucus Debacle, 2024 Process Probably Won’t ChangeThe earlier impetus for change among Democrats angry at the 2020 Iowa-caucus meltdown seems to be fading as the party has bigger problems to address.
  2. politics
    Iowa and New Hampshire Won’t Be Knocked Out of FirstDespite constant complaints, the difficulty of changing the primary and caucus calendar will likely keep the early states in place for 2024.
  3. elections
    Despite Iowa’s Caucus Meltdown, the Old System May SurviveA year ago, it seemed likely that the debacle would cost Iowa its privileged spot. But now plans for 2024 are murky, and the status quo could prevail.
  4. 2020 democratic convention
    13 Days That Shook the Political EarthLeft for dead by some after New Hampshire, Joe Biden’s brisk comeback was one for the ages.
  5. vision 2020
    Biden’s Polling Lead Over Trump Is Getting Seriously LargeWith five months to go, Biden’s leading nationally by a comfortable margin and also in six battleground states Trump won in 2016.
  6. vision 2020
    Buttigieg Never Had a Chance Without Non-White VotersMayor Pete’s inability to appeal to a diverse base of support led him to the exit before a full demographic humiliation on Super Tuesday.
  7. vision 2020
    Bye-Bye, CaucusesWyoming’s April 4 contest may be the last-ever authorized Democratic presidential nominating caucus.
  8. vision 2020
    Bernie Wins Big in Nevada CaucusesThe other candidates’ order of finish remains unclear, but Sanders exceeded high expectations.
  9. vision 2020
    Which Democratic Presidential Candidates Will Survive Until Super Tuesday?It could be lots of candidates, or just two or three, depending on what happens in Nevada and South Carolina.
  10. new hampshire primary
    New Hampshire Democratic Primary Turnout Sets New RecordAfter a disappointing showing in Iowa, Democrats came out in droves for the nation’s first primary.
  11. new hampshire primary
    Yang Is Out. Yangism Is Here to Stay.Yang’s campaign revealed a strain of politics with a significant and passionate constituency — one that won’t evaporate in the candidate’s absence.
  12. intelligencer chats
    How Strong a Front-runner Is Bernie Sanders?And six other questions coming out of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.
  13. vision 2020
    Pete and Amy Are Riding High After New Hampshire, But Probably Not for LongToday’s moderate stars don’t have the minority support, the campaign infrastructure, or the money to beat Bernie or Bloomberg.
  14. vision 2020
    New Hampshire 2020 Live Updates: Bernie Sanders WinsThe race has been called for Sanders, though Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg had strong showings.
  15. vision 2020
    Who’s Left As a Democratic Unity Candidate? Maybe Nobody.As Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar do well in New Hampshire, it’s looking like a Sanders-Bloomberg fight down the road with no compromises in sight.
  16. vision 2020
    New Hampshire Can Be UpsettingThe Granite State has a history of nasty surprises for expected presidential primary winners.
  17. new hampshire primary
    Mike Bloomberg Ekes Out Win in Tiny Dixville NotchAmy Klobuchar and President Trump were the other big winners after midnight voting in New Hampshire.
  18. vision 2020
    Are Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren Making It Out of N.H. Alive?“They’ve both taken on the stench of death,” says an aide to a rival campaign.
  19. intelligencer chats
    8 Burning Questions Going Into the New Hampshire PrimaryThe unsettled Democratic race is poised for a shake-up. What will things look like on Wednesday morning?
  20. vision 2020
    Will Bernie-Panicked Centrists Stampede to Bloomberg?As Biden sinks and Buttigieg struggles to win minority voters, the ultrarich former New York mayor is looking stronger.
  21. vision 2020
    The Democratic Race Isn’t Ending Any Time SoonAs voting in New Hampshire nears, a consensus is crystallizing: The Democratic primaries are going to be long and contentious.
  22. democratic primaries
    Democratic Candidates Unify Around Attacking Pete ButtigiegWhether it’s a lack of experience or high-dollar donors, everyone has a problem with Pete.
  23. vision 2020
    Biden Launches Attacks on Buttigieg, Who Nears Sanders in New HampshireUncle Joe, whose campaign suddenly seems like a long shot, said Mayor Pete was not “a Barack Obama” on Saturday and attacked his record in a new ad.
  24. vision 2020
    Why Wasn’t Turnout Better in Iowa?Maybe it was just a matter of complacent Democrats not knowing or caring whom they support against Trump. But it doesn’t show an expanding coalition.
  25. letter from nh
    Watching the Debate With Andrew Yang Fans in New HampshireWhen I entered Chunky’s, the bar in the antechamber of a movie theater in an empty strip mall, I wasn’t sure I was in the right place.
  26. democratic debates
    The Democrats Finally Get Around to Talking About AbortionWith one notable exception, they were sure-footed in answering a question about “litmus tests” for judges.
  27. vision 2020
    Biden’s Last Stand?Biden’s candidacy was teetering entering the debate. He began by predicting his own defeat in New Hampshire, and it didn’t get much better from there.
  28. vision 2020
    Who Could Breach Joe Biden’s ‘Firewall’ in South Carolina?Biden’s plan to rely on African-American voters in the Palmetto state no longer looks that secure.
  29. vision 2020
    The Most Consequential Failure of the Iowa CaucusesThe unusually slow count and abnormally large field of viable candidates means that the Iowa caucus didn’t shrink the field.
  30. vision 2020
    Is Iowa a Bad Omen for Biden or Just a Bump in the Road?Biden lucked out of bad Caucus Night headlines, but he needs do to better before colliding with Michael Bloomberg’s wallet.
  31. vision 2020
    How Do the Iowa Caucuses Work?For the first time, there will be three measurements of success, two based on initial and “realigned” raw votes and the third on delegates.
  32. vision 2020
    If There’s an Anybody-But-Bernie Movement, Who Will Lead It?There are already alarms going up about Bernie Sanders sweeping the first three 2020 contests. But late-primary challenges don’t seem to work.
  33. vision 2020
    Polls Show Bernie Sanders Surging at Just the Right TimeEight days before the Iowa caucuses, polls show Sanders leading Iowa by seven points and New Hampshire by nine, while competing with Biden nationally.
  34. vision 2020
    You Can’t Reform the Presidential Nominating Process With WishesWe don’t really have a unified system for nominating presidential candidates, so systematic reforms aren’t easy.
  35. vision 2020
    Why the Iowa Caucus Could Have Three Winners This YearUnder new transparency rules, we’ll see popular-vote totals plus delegate estimates, allowing several candidates to spin the results as a win.
  36. vision 2020
    Buttigieg’s Sharp Elbows Jab BidenMayor Pete isn’t just going back and forth with Warren and Klobuchar. He’s also apparently trying to get to Biden’s left on national security.
  37. vision 2020
    White Democrats Are Leading the Primary Because Nonwhite Voters Support ThemNonwhite Democrats aren’t struggling because the primary process has silenced nonwhite voters, but because it has listened to them.
  38. vision 2020
    How Bloomberg Could Shake the 2020 Race on Super TuesdayThe billionaire probably can’t win the nomination, but his monstrous spending could create big problems for survivors of the early state contests.
  39. vision 2020
    Kamala Harris Facing Home-State HeartburnKamala Harris’s once-plausible path to the Democratic nomination is very rocky now. Maybe she’d be smart to pack it in before losing her home state.
  40. vision 2020
    Deval Patrick Is Officially Running for PresidentHis strength in New Hampshire, among black voters, and in the affections of Barack Obama will all be challenged.
  41. vision 2020
    Buttigieg Bump Leads to Candidates Griping About Iowa AgainYou hear complaints every cycle, but fears that Iowa and New Hampshire will bleach the field or give an undeserved boost to Mayor Pete are rising.
  42. impeachment
    Could a Long Impeachment Trial Derail the Senators Running for President?If a Trump trial happens in prime presidential caucus-and-primary season, candidates could be imprisoned in the Senate.
  43. vision 2020
    Is Buttigieg’s Presidential Bid Buoyed by Male Privilege?Klobuchar says Mayor Pete has only gotten this far because he’s a man. It’s probably more complicated than that.
  44. vision 2020
    Obama Buddy Deval Patrick Latest to Mull Late Presidential BidThis has to throw a scare into Team Biden, while reflecting a sense that the field is still unsettled.
  45. vision 2020
    Bloomberg to Follow the Not-So-Successful Giuliani Strategy in the PrimariesLike Rudy, Bloomberg is a poor fit for his party, pursuing a doomed strategy, unless he just wants to damage Sanders and Warren.
  46. vision 2020
    Bloomberg Dips Toe In Presidential Primary WatersThe former mayor has met the 2020 contest’s first filing deadline, in Alabama. But he hasn’t ruled a real run in or out.
  47. vision 2020
    Buttigieg Showing Strength in IowaMeanwhile, would-be Biden alternatives Harris and Booker are struggling in Iowa, where they have both bet the farm.
  48. vision 2020
    Warren Overtakes Biden for Lead in National PollsFor the first time, the former veep’s not leading in the RealClearPolitics national polling average.
  49. vision 2020
    Biden Planning One-on-One Showdown With WarrenBiden’s plan for a Super Tuesday “firewall” in case he loses early isn’t novel. But for previous presidential candidates, it meant defeat.
  50. vision 2020
    Could Biden Become Collateral Damage of Impeachment Drive?It couldn’t be good for Biden to have his last name — via his son, Hunter — in the news every day in connection with the effort to impeach Trump.
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