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New Year’s Eve

  1. Like Most of 2016, NYC’s New Year’s Eve Security Plan Includes Garbage ElementSand-filled garbage trucks will help protect us.
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    Fox News: F-cking Sh-t Up in 2014 VideoLive TV is the best TV.
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    The Building Under the New Year’s Eve Ball Is Mostly AbandonedNo one wants to work inside a tower of billboards.
  4. happy new year
    How to Get Home After MidnightTransit tips to ring in the New Year.
  5. the year the world hopefully doesn’t end forever
    The Most Honest New Year’s Eve Invitation EverWe have all been to these, and they are exactly like that.
  6. hangovers
    Williamsburg Hipsters Claim Theft When They Should Have Claimed Four LokoDon’t do the Four Loko time, if you’re gonna claim a crime.
  7. all the single ladies
    New York Is the Best City in America for Single Men This New Year’sCongrats, ladies.
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    Bill Hemmer on New Year’s Eve in Times Square: ‘Bladder Strength Is Important’It takes a tough man to anchor a midnight telecast.
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    Anderson Cooper Continues to Be Adorable With His New GlassesAnd maybe on Valium.
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    Blizzard of 2010: Let’s Get Home in Time for the New YearSome thoughts about New York in the winter.
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    Brooklyn Nerd Boys Invite Everyone With a Smartphone Over for New Year’sCheck in at their Greenpoint geek pad.
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    Kathy Griffin Makes Anderson Cooper Sweat“The Most Trusted Name in News just got a whole lot more trusting.”
  13. Here Are Some Reasons to Maybe Not Go to Times Square Tonight“Hundreds of city police officers will have devices affixed to their belts that can detect radiation or the crude makings of a dirty bomb.”
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    ‘Mom, I Know It’s Three in the Morning, But Can You Come Pick Me Up?’Peter Facinelli of ‘Twilight’ relives his worst New Year’s Eve.
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    Diddy to Hand Out Free Taxi Rides on New Year’s EveThe bad news: You have to be in Times Square to get one.
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    Tomorrow Night You’ll See the Moon, Even in Times SquareIf it’s not raining, that is.
  17. good riddance 2009
    Those New Year’s Glasses Have Been Adapted to the Next Decade Pretty EasilyThank God. What would we do without those, right?
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    New Year’s Eve With the Jet Set: Gaga in Miami, the Box in MoscowMustique is so last year.
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    Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper, and Lance Bass to Host CNN’s New Year’s BroadcastReally, CNN? Really?
  20. neighborhood watch
    Nobody’s New Year’s Eve Was As Bad As This OneFreezing and most likely wasted, on a conked-out commuter train, till dawn.
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    Kathy Griffin Will Knock Those Pesky D’s Out of Your MouthThe comedian couldn’t quite make it through all of New Year’s Eve without some bad language.
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    Happy New Year!This year, we’re deciding to be optimistic about our party plans.
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    New Year’s Eve in Times Square Just Got So Much More Exciting!Ring in 2009 alongside a bunch of rookie cops bearing machine guns!
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    It’s New Year’s Eve. Run for Your Life.Well, folks, we were back for a moment, and now we’re gone again. But never fear, Daily Intel will return with a vengeance on Wednesday (and for good. We have no vacation written into our contracts — we just had to stop last week because our fingers, and souls, were bleeding). Since we know you’ve probably already left work and are going on to whatever horror you’ve got planned for this evening, we’re going to leave you with a bunch of heartfelt wishes for New Year’s Eve. While we would normally recommend getting the hell out of the city on this wretched night, we know you all, like us, are still here, and that you, like us, still allow yourself at your age to be bullied by some latent high-school-era belief that tonight should be the most fun night you have this year, and not only that, but the most fun night of your entire life thus far! We sure hope you won’t be disappointed! Here’s to that! And along with that we’d like to bestow upon you the following well-intentioned toasts… May you… • Know more than eight other people at the giant open-bar party that you paid $200 to get into. • Be so entertained by friends and merriment that you don’t have to watch any New Year’s Eve special on any major network, including MTV because God help you if you do. • Not have to give a midnight kiss to that only semi-cute person you were sandbagging at the beginning of the evening in case no one hotter came around.
  25. in other news
    Best New Year’s Resolution EverIf you’re still in the market for a New Year’s resolution — and, if you are, may we suggest you also resolve to be a bit less tardy next year? — we think we’ve found the ideal vow for you. The media-watchers at Women’s Wear Daily’s “Memo Pad” column asked various magazine editors and execs for their resolutions, and here’s Harper’s Bazaar publisher Valerie Salembier promise: She plans to “work tirelessly with the NYPD and other global law enforcement agencies to help stop the counterfeiting trade that hires children as their workers and funds terrorist organizations and drug cartels.” Wow. It’s got it all — exploited children, global counterfeiting, the war on terror, and Latin American drug dealers, not to mention the impressive stick-to-it-iveness suggested by her commitment to fight these scourges “tirelessly.” (Where, one wonders, will she find time to sell ads in Bazaar?) So we suggest taking this admirable resolution as your own. Hell, just throw in feeding the hungry, and it can double as your Miss America platform. Memo Pad [WWD]