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New York City Council

  1. new york city council
    New Yorkers Will Have to Start Paying for Plastic Bags This FallFive cents a bag, starting October 1.
  2. new york city council
    Enjoy Your Free Plastic Bags While You Can, New YorkersCity Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has backed a bill that would slap a five-cent surcharge on each one.
  3. Davidson: Are the City’s New Pedestrian-Safety Measures Strong Enough?“Reckless and distracted driving must become a new taboo.”
  4. equal rites
    City Council Won’t March in St. Patrick’s Day Parade EitherAlong with the mayor.
  5. new york city council
    Melissa Mark-Viverito Is Your Next City Council SpeakerAs was expected.
  6. madison square garden
    Madison Square Garden Given Ten Years to MoveBy City Council.
  7. City Council Passes Paid Sick Leave Bill, Faces Bloomberg’s VetoStay home from work without feeling remorse.
  8. safety first
    Hell on Wheels: Can Electric Bikes Ever Go Legal?New York’s electric bikers on the wrong side of the law.
  9. special elections
    Queens District to Stay Unrepresented Just a Little LongerBoth candidates declared themselves the winner.
  10. you’ve got hate mail
    The Racist Expletives are Flying in Upper Manhattan’s City Council RaceCandidate Thomas Lopez-Pierre has quite a way with words.
  11. the departed
    Councilman Pushes Ban on Naming of City Landmarks After Living People“There’s nothing stopping them from going after the Manhattan Bridge.”
  12. new york city council
    City Considering $3,000 Fine for Theft of Manhole CoversPutting the hammer down.
  13. citizens united
    City Council: Corporations Are Not PeopleNobody tell that to Mitt Romney.
  14. City Council Member Claims $156 BagelAnd that’s without the schmear.