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New York City Department Of Education

  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Crime Is Down in City SchoolsDuring the last school year, safety agents arrested 34 percent fewer students than the year before.
  2. the most important controversies in the world
    Congressman Pushes Children Into Bitter, Patriotic Sing-Off God bless the USA.
  3. political correctness
    School Principal Nixes ‘Proud to Be an American’Parents are not pleased.
  4. school daze
    Public School Advises Parents to Look Into Private SchoolAre you aware of the overcrowding problem?
  5. school closures
    City Closes 18 Schools, While OWS Drowns Out UFTTwo hours in, Occupiers fled fearing arrests, though none came.
  6. Audit Reveals That City Schools Paid 890 Percent Markup for VegetablesThree out of every ten items checked were marked up more than 100 percent last April.
  7. school daze
    Rubber-Room Teachers Can Pay Their Way Back Into the Classroom$7,500 and poof, they’re back.
  8. bad education
    Laid-off Teachers Show Lack of Initiative When It Comes to Finding JobsSomeone’s getting sent to the guidance counselor.
  9. bad education
    Graduates Lack Basic Skills, and So Do the Companies Hired to Turn That AroundGraduation rates are up, but is anyone learning anything?