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  1. migrant crisis
    The Migrants Outside St. BrigidThe city’s campaign to push migrants out has turned their lives into an interminable loop.
  2. housing
    The Eco–Yogi Slumlords of BrooklynHow did a couple who built an empire of yoga studios, vegan restaurants, and homes with “living walls” end up as pandemic villains?
  3. winter wonderland
    In Case You Didn’t Notice, It Finally Really SnowedOur long local snowmare is over.
  4. the city politic
    Finding Jordan NeelyHe had places he belonged and people looking out for him. How did he end up dying, alone, at the hands of a stranger on the subway?
  5. encounter
    The Relentless Damian WilliamsThe SDNY U.S. Attorney is one of the country’s gutsiest prosecutors — and a potential headache for Eric Adams.
  6. reasons to love new york
    A $45 Million Effort to Make Pregnancy Less Deadly in BrooklynThe borough president spent his entire capital budget on midwives, NICUs, and more.
  7. the city politic
    10 New York Charities Worth Supporting on Giving TuesdayFrom aiding recently arrived migrants to fighting hunger to treating victims of the Israel-Hamas war, these organizations are making a difference.
  8. torn up and apart
    The War and New YorkFears, protests, posts, firings, doxings, lost friendships, vigils, and betrayals. The city since October 7.
  9. torn up and apart
    92NY Splits With the Cultural EliteA venerable institution digs in.
  10. torn up and apart
    Who Gets to Protest at Columbia?What led the university to suspend pro-Palestinian student groups.
  11. torn up and apart
    The Public Defender Labeled a Poster DefamerVictoria Ruiz lost her job after she tore down a flyer at a pro-Palestine vigil. What really happened?
  12. what we know
    Eric Adams Has a Lot of Ties to TurkeyHe reportedly helped clear red tape for the Turkish consulate’s new high-rise in 2021. It’s just one of mayor’s various links to the country.
  13. what we know
    What We Know About the Criminal Investigation Into Eric Adams’s CampaignFederal investigators are digging into the campaign’s possible links to Turkish money, but so far no one has been accused of wrongdoing.
  14. the city politic
    New Yorkers Should Line Up Behind the City’s JanitorsAfter a wave of COVID-related layoffs, these essential workers are in for a bruising labor fight.
  15. encounter
    Crumps’ IllusionsMike Crumplar, the self-mythologizing Substacker of Dimes Square, is convinced he’s in a Balzac novel.
  16. power
    The Most Powerful New Yorkers You’ve Never Heard Of49 people who are actually running New York City.
  17. the city politic
    Some Advice to Eric Adams on Handling EmergenciesBe there when necessary. Use the media smartly. And always tell the truth.
  18. court appearances
    Sam Bankman-Fried’s Way to WinHis trial begins Monday. Is the prosecution a slam dunk? We think not.
  19. environment
    Scenes From a Flooded New York Subway evacuations, school day chaos, a missing mayor, and at least one fugitive sea lion.
  20. the city politic
    The Unwise GuyA top official in the Adams administration gambled with the mob and, allegedly, took bribes.
  21. schools
    Did New York City Forget How to Teach Children to Read?This fall, Eric Adams is pivoting to phonics.
  22. q&a
    How New York City Nurtures Its Littlest PlutocratsTo assess American privilege, writer Nick McDonell revisits Buckley, bastion of the baby elite.
  23. the city
    The Candy SellersThe lives and livelihoods of some of the city’s newest migrant children.
  24. right to shelter
    ‘We Can’t Sleep Because of the Worry’Overnight at the Roosevelt Hotel, where hundreds of migrants are still waiting for somewhere to go.
  25. city people
    What Dan Doctoroff BuiltUnder Mayor Bloomberg, the power broker remade the city with astonishing speed. Now, as New York is again mired in crisis, he faces his own.
  26. the city politic
    We Will Never Forget James DavisTwenty years after he was gunned down inside City Hall, the Brooklyn city councilman’s legacy lives on.
  27. just asking questions
    Can Jessica Tisch Make New York City Less Disgusting?The ambitious Sanitation commissioner wants to make heaping piles of hot garbage a thing of the past.
  28. office apocalypse
    New Glut CityThe city’s mega-office landlords are panicking, pivoting, and shedding what’s worthless. One opens his books.
  29. the city politic
    Eric Adams, MicromanagerIt’s clearer than ever that he’s running New York on his own.
  30. politics
    What to Know for NYC’s 2023 Primary ElectionsThe return of ranked-choice voting, the whole City Council on the ballot, and more.
  31. liveblog
    Jordan Neely’s Killer Insists He Isn’t Racist: Live UpdatesDaniel Penny, who has been charged with second-degree manslaughter, made his first public comments on Saturday.
  32. early and often
    How to Make Mass Immigration WorkTo make an influx of people economically beneficial and politically viable, the U.S. must build more housing.
  33. the city politic
    Jordan Neely Was Already DeadNew York reckons with a homeless epidemic and a killing.
  34. the city politic
    Should Rich New Yorkers Pay Bigger Fines? It’s a Good QuestionThe idea from a City Council member has gotten a lot of hate. But, facing a budget crunch, it’s the right way to think.
  35. the city politic
    NYPD’s Illegal Parking Needs to Be CurbedIt’s long past time for the city to rein in cops and other public servants who believe parking laws and tolls don’t apply to them.
  36. life after roe
    ‘They Really Wanted to See My Baby Get Taken Away’A woman is suing a Brooklyn hospital for secretly testing her for drugs during labor and calling child-protective services.
  37. new york city
    NYC’s New Promotional Logo Kinda Sucks“WE NYC ❤️?” “WE ❤️ NYC ?” We can’t figure it out.
  38. the group portrait
    The George Floyd Protesters Behind a Historic Payout“Yes, we won. But are things going to change?”
  39. the city politic
    Are Eric Adams’s Big Plans for the City Still Too Small?As he enters his second year in office, Adams is sticking with his grind-it-out approach to governing.
  40. let it snow
    Our Long Local Snowmare Is OverNew York City finally saw some flakes stick to the ground on Wednesday morning. Better late than never.
  41. lost in translation
    The Spy Who Wasn’tBaimadajie Angwang wanted a visa for his daughter. He got charged with being an “insider threat” instead.
  42. talking about the weather
    This Is a Snow Lover’s NightmareNew York has broken a snowless record — and there’s no end in sight to this gray misery.
  43. chinese democracy
    The Radical, Lonely, Suddenly Shocking Life of Wang JuntaoAfter half a century of resisting the Chinese Communist Party, a dissident confronts murder and espionage in Queens.
  44. diary of a hospital
    Eric Adams’s Plan to Commit the Homeless Has Little Meaning in the ERPeople who are unhoused already use the city’s hospitals all the time.
  45. plagued
    XBB.1.5 Dominates New York COVID Cases, Rising NationallyThe newly emerged recombinant COVID strain is estimated to account for more than 80 percent of cases in the Northeast.
  46. weather
    Great News for New Yorkers Who Hate DarknessGet ready for slightly less depressing afternoons.
  47. the city politic
    The Queens Native Tasked With Making Legal Weed WorkChristopher Alexander is building New York’s budding market from scratch.
  48. reasons to love new york
    The Story of the Bishop Robbed During His Church ServiceIt’s so much wilder than the headlines.
  49. the city politic
    10 New York City–Based Charities I’m Giving ToGiving Tuesday is a great opportunity to help fix what’s broken here in New York and around the world.
  50. the city politic
    New Yorkers Rejected the Doom and Gloom About CrimeMidterm voters did not accept the premise that crime is an all-consuming battle that New York is losing.
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