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    Why Are We Still Watching the Jets in Week 15?Two miserable fans return to commiserate about a lost season.
  2. infinite jets
    Why Are We Still Watching the Jets?Two miserable fans recap week two and try to process their grief.
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    This Might Be the End of Aaron RodgersAfter injuring himself four plays in, the aging star rendered the Jets — and possibly himself — irrelevant.
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    Aaron Rodgers Really Wants to Be Liked AgainEver since he joined the Jets, the anti-COVID-vaxx conspiracy theorist has dialed down the nuttiness.
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    A C-Minus Version of Aaron Rodgers Is Still a Win for the JetsConsiderable baggage aside, he’s an improvement on the status quo.
  6. the sports section
    Michael Vick Is Coming to New YorkHe just signed with the Jets.
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    Kellen Winslow Allegedly Masturbated in CarThe best police report in recent memory.
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    Guy Who Fell on Other Guy at Jets Game Loses JobHe’s also banned from the stadium. 
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    Idiot Slides Off Upper Deck at Bills-Jets Game, Falls on Man Below [Updated]Here’s the video. 
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    Jets Fan and Lady He Punched Charged in FightAlso: New video angle.
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    Male Jets Fan Celebrates Win Over Patriots by Punching Woman in the FaceHere’s the clip. 
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    The Most Embarrassing GIFs From Yesterday’s Giants and Jets GamesRelive the worst moments!
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    The Jets Were Awful and Somehow Still Overcame ExpectationsGeno Smith threw three fourth-quarter interceptions. 
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    Mark Sanchez Might Need Surgery, Could Be Done With the JetsThe quarterback has a labral tear.
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    Rex Ryan Went Running With the Bulls, Is Somehow Still AliveHere’s a photo.
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    Tim Tebow Is No Longer a New York Jet, and That’s for the BestHe’s been released.
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    Tim Tebow Trade Proves Unimpressive to New York City Cultural EliteThe newest Jet is already getting a cold welcome.
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    Jets Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi ResignsAfter a two-month suspension, he’s out.
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    Not Surprisingly, Rex Ryan Declines to Discuss His Foot-Fetish VideosThis was an awkward press conference.
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    Jets Coach Rex Ryan and His Wife May Star in Online Foot-Fetish VideosEither that or someone is doing a great impression of the couple.