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  1. media
    Jared Kushner Secretly Deleted New York Observer Stories He Didn’t Like: ReportA software employee said Kushner personally ordered him to delete a handful of published reports about his business associates and friends.
  2. Ex-Observer Editor and Kushner Pal Denied Government Gig After FBI CheckKen Kurson was up for a post on the National Council on the Humanities, but a 2015 harassment claim may have ruined his chance.
  3. Jared Kushner Is Reportedly Trying to Sell the ObserverDonald Trump’s son-in-law is said to be focusing on his newfound career in politics.
  4. today in donald trump
    In Shocking Twist, Donald Trump’s Son-in-Law’s Newspaper Endorses Donald TrumpIt even listed some reasons besides “the boss is married to Ivanka.” Unfortunately, none of those reasons are good.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    R.I.P., Salmon-Pink New York Observer, 1987—2014Starting today, it’s gone white.
  6. ink-stained wretches
    Ice-Cream Scooper Refused to Defend Donald Trump for New York ObserverHe knew better.
  7. ink-stained wretches
    New York Observer Defends Donald Trump AgainThe paper “took great care to ensure fair, unbiased journalism.”
  8. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Building Basically High SchoolEditorial page editor Andy Rosenthal is reportedly not popular these days.
  9. obit
    The Wizard and the City: Very Good Times in Peter Kaplan’s Enchanted New YorkLooking back at the career of the New York Observer editor, who died on Friday at age 59.
  10. sad things
    Former New York Observer Editor Peter Kaplan Has Died He was 59.
  11. pink-stained wretches
    New York Observer Lays Off ElevenAll on the business side.
  12. party chat
    Trump, Murdoch Digging New York Observer LatelyA report from The Four Seasons.
  13. pink-stained wretches
    N.Y. Observer Power List Full of Kushner FriendsJared Kushner takes care of his own.
  14. pink-stained wretches
    New Editor and CEO Literally Cleaning Up the New York ObserverNo big changes, but staffers have been asked to be more tidy.
  15. pink-stained wretches
    Jared Kushner Names Brother-in-Law New York Observer CEOHe’s really keeping the paper in the family.
  16. pink-stained wretches
    Jared Kushner Picks Republican Operative Pal to Run New York ObserverKen Kurson, who worked for Rudy Giuliani, will replace Aaron Gell.
  17. pink-stained wretches
    Elizabeth Spiers Out As New York Observer EditorBusiness-side boss Christopher Barnes is leaving as well.
  18. the most important people in the world
    Jared Kushner Can Afford a Baseball TeamThe real-estate scion is bidding on the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  19. ink-stained wretches
    Observer Illustrates the ‘Three Examples Is a Trend’ Theory of JournalismIt’ll drive you nuts.
  20. ink-stained wretches
    What Happens If You Replace ‘Not Having Sex’ With ‘Not Eating Food’ in the Observer’s Latest ‘Young People’ Trend Story?It makes exactly the same amount of sense!
  21. internet-stained wretches
    The New York Observer Will Launch Its Own Tech SiteBetabeat.com.
  22. party chat
    Simon Doonan: The Daily Beast’s Commenters Are Way Bitchier Than Slate’s“They’re, like, personal attacks.”
  23. ink-stained wretches
    The Observer’s Reporting Staff Once Again Represents Both GendersCongratulations to Kat Stoeffel!