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  1. politics
    The New York Redistricting Case That Could Swing CongressYes, we’re doing this all again.
  2. power
    Melissa DeRosa’s Revenge CampaignAndrew Cuomo’s right-hand woman is settling scores.
  3. new york
    What We Know About the Suspect Who Kidnapped Charlotte SenaA 46-year-old man named Craig Nelson Ross Jr. has been arrested for kidnapping Sena, who was found in a trailer behind his mother’s house.
  4. local
    New York Is Getting Serious About Busting Gray-Market Weed ShopsOne of Manhattan’s biggest dispensaries was raided after allegedly selling products without a license.
  5. politics
    Democrats Have a Chance to Undo New York’s Unfriendly Congressional MapA state court case is arguing that last year’s tumultuous redistricting process should be redone and that a new House map be drawn for 2024.
  6. street fights
    The IHOP Kingpin vs. the American RevolutionariesWhen Domenic Broccoli set out to expand his pancake empire to upstate New York, he didn’t expect to find a grave site — or start a war.
  7. life after roe
    Will Abortion Ballot Initiative Boost 2024 Turnout for New York Democrats?Sometimes a ballot initiative is necessary to protect rights. In New York, it could also lead to Democratic gains.
  8. new york
    The Plane Crash That Killed an Alleged MonsterA plane without wings fell out of the sky in western New York. Inside was a doctor who allegedly used his sperm for fertility treatments.
  9. early and often
    George Santos Thinks He Can Win?He’s running for reelection despite being incredibly unpopular and under a variety of investigations.
  10. big tech
    Do You Have the Right to Repair Your Phone?A movement taking on the likes of Apple is winning a major battle for consumers.
  11. new york
    Sean Patrick Maloney Is Getting Primaried After Ticking Off DemocratsProgressive state senator Alessandra Biaggi is expected to challenge Maloney after he ditched his own seat to run in a less competitive district.
  12. politics
    De Blasio Finally Settles on a New Job: Running for CongressThe summer of Bill, part two!
  13. the system
    America’s Impenetrable Fog of InnocenceWhy it’s so hard for so many to see the causes of the Buffalo mass shooting clearly.
  14. climate change
    Once Again, Environmentalists Are Sabotaging Climate ProgressThanks to conservationist opposition to nuclear and hydropower, New York’s carbon emissions could surge in the coming years.
  15. 2022 midterms
    Democrats Need More Than Redistricting Wins in 2022There’s been great news for Democrats on the redistricting front. But actually holding the House in the midterms will still be very tough.
  16. covid-19
    What We Know About Omicron in New YorkThe city and state continue to put up eye-popping case numbers.
  17. census bureau
    New York State Population Fell by Over 300,000 This YearCensus data shows that the Empire State had the largest population loss of any state, as U.S. population growth slowed to a crawl during the pandemic.
  18. the city politic
    Is Tish James Aiming Higher Than Governor? Stay Tuned.James dropped out of a winnable race, suggesting her high-stakes inquiry into the Trump Organization could be a national launching pad.
  19. eric’s trip
    Eric Adams Jets Off AgainWith his trip to Ghana this week, the incoming mayor has gone on three international outings since the primary.
  20. new york
    Chris Cuomo Was Asking for Info on His Brother’s AccusersNew documents from the attorney general’s office show he was begging to help his big brother and shaking down other journalists.
  21. gambling
    Online Sports Betting in New York Gets Its First WinnersDraftKings and FanDuel are among the firms receiving licenses for sports betting, as the apps prepare to go live in New York before the Super Bowl.
  22. politics
    The Supreme Court Is Set to Wipe Out a Major Gun-Control LawConservatives armed with a new interpretation of the Second Amendment take aim at New York’s concealed-carry policy.
  23. new york
    Chuck Schumer Endorses India Walton for Buffalo MayorA major Establishment boost for the socialist candidate.
  24. sdny
    Federal Prosecutors for Manhattan and Brooklyn Confirmed by the SenateDamian Williams now heads the Southern District of New York and Breon Peace leads the Eastern, guiding the nation’s most high-profile prosecutions.
  25. politics
    The Bill de Blasio–Andrew Cuomo Feud: A RetrospectiveFor years, the mayor and the governor jockeyed for power over everything from a lost deer to battling COVID. Here are lowlights from their petty war.
  26. new york
    Trump Pardon Turns Out to Be Useless for Ex-Observer EditorKen Kurson was arrested on state charges for allegedly cyberstalking his then-wife amid their divorce.
  27. eviction moratorium
    Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of New York’s Eviction MoratoriumBy refusing New York tenants a presumption of financial distress, the Court may be signaling its intentions for the national moratorium.
  28. new york tough
    The 8 Weirdest Unsolved Andrew Cuomo MysteriesThe Boyfriend Cliff. Citing a fake person in COVID press conferences. The nipple situation. Cuomo may be out, but there are many lingering questions.
  29. politics
    How Is Andrew Cuomo Still Here?A shocking new report is a test of his ability to bend reality to his will.
  30. politics
    Cuomo Sexual Harassment Report: Read the Most Damning AllegationsA guide to the allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo, including which claims were previously unknown and key testimony from his 11 accusers.
  31. letitia james
    Cuomo Will Be Questioned in Sexual Harassment Inquiry on SaturdayAttorneys running the state attorney general’s probe will reportedly depose the governor in Albany.
  32. nyc mayoral race
    Eric Adams Is No PragmatistThe likely next mayor of New York is just as much an ideologue as his opponents.
  33. coronavirus
    New York COVID Death Toll Is 11,000 Fewer Than Federal CountThe discrepancy has reportedly grown this year, even as the Cuomo admin faces three inquiries into allegations of obscuring nursing-home deaths.
  34. q+a
    What Alvin Bragg Plans to Do With Cy Vance’s Troubled Sex-Crimes UnitThe next Manhattan DA talks about making history, prosecuting Trump, and more.
  35. covid-19
    How Far Along Is New York City in Its Reopening This Spring?Bars can now stay open until 4 a.m.
  36. american crisis
    Cuomo Set to Earn $5.1 Million for Ill-Conceived COVID BookThe governor finally revealed what he was paid for his pandemic memoir, which is now the subject of a probe by the state attorney general’s office.
  37. coronavirus vaccine
    How to Sign Up for a COVID Vaccine in New YorkAll state-run and city-run vaccination sites are now accepting walk-ins for anyone over 16 years old.
  38. politics
    New York Will Lose Seat in Congress Because 89 People Didn’t Fill Out the Census2020 census reapportionment data showed seven House seats changing hands, but a net gain of just three in states carried by Trump.
  39. high times
    The Complete Guide to Legal Weed in New YorkWhere to smoke, how to buy, and more.
  40. business
    Who’s Getting Rich From Weed Legalization in New York?Legal protections for minority-owned businesses are robust, but due to the nature of the industry, large sums of cash could still flow to big firms.
  41. politics
    Andrew Giuliani Says He Plans to Run for New York GovernorThe former Trump White House staffer and son of Rudy Giuliani said he thinks he has the “best chance to win” against Andrew Cuomo or another Democrat.
  42. new york
    New York to Legalize Mobile Sports BettingAnother creative solution to close New York’s revenue shortfall has been secured in the state budget.
  43. new york
    New York to Raise Income Taxes on MillionairesTo help generate $4.3 billion in taxable revenue, lawmakers and the governor reportedly agreed to raise taxes for those with income over $1 million.
  44. still rocking my math hat
    Andrew Yang Commits to Corniness With an Assist from MC JinThe rapper’s video for the mayoral front-runner is a perfect addition to Yang’s cringe-fueled campaign.
  45. new york
    Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal in New YorkCuomo signed the bill into law on Wednesday, making New York the 15th state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana.
  46. covid-19
    Got Breast Milk? With Antibodies?Without a vaccine for children, parents hunt for what they think is the next best thing.
  47. coronavirus
    Judge Rules That New York Must Vaccinate Prisoners ImmediatelyA state supreme court judge described the decision to leave inmates out of the public-health campaign as an “abuse of discretion.”
  48. politics
    New York Lawmakers Reach a Deal on Legal WeedProposal approved by Cuomo and headed to the legislature next week would legalize possession of up to three ounces of marijuana.
  49. atlanta shootings
    Andrew Yang’s Plan to Fight Hate Crimes Makes Asian Activists CringeFor many in New York’s Asian communities, the mayoral front-runner’s call for more NYPD funding after the Atlanta shootings felt glib and misguided.
  50. politics
    Cuomo’s Staff Tried to Tarnish First Sexual Harassment Accuser: ReportGovernor’s office was privately aware of more sexual harassment allegations when it reportedly drafted a letter attacking former aide Lindsey Boylan.
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