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  1. covid-19
    How the West Lost COVIDHow did so many rich countries get it so wrong? How did others get it so right?
  2. international affairs
    New Zealand Postpones National Election Amid Mysterious COVID-19 OutbreakNo, this doesn’t set any kind of precedent for President Trump to try to follow.
  3. work less
    How About a 4-Day Workweek Already?Reduced hours could help people get back to work safely — and there are plenty of other reasons why it’s a good idea, too.
  4. politics
    Sheriff’s Department Shot Teachers With Pellets During School-Shooting DrillA nation that refuses to prevent gun violence can only rehearse it, over and over.
  5. christchurch massacre
    New Zealand Bans Assault Weapons Less Than a Week After ChristchurchPrime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the ban of military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, and a buyback plan to get them off the streets.
  6. christchurch massacre
    In New Zealand, Only One Mass Shooting Is Necessary for Gun Reform to BeginAfter 50 were killed by a gunman in Christchurch, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that major gun reform would be made public within ten days.
  7. christchuch shooting
    The Endgame of White Supremacy Is Always DeathThe mosque massacres in Christchurch, New Zealand, prove that there is no acceptable nonwhite presence under white supremacy.
  8. mass shootings
    The Shooter’s Manifesto Isn’t in CodeThe Christchurch shooter mentioned PewDiePie and 4chan memes in his attack, but referencing memes doesn’t automatically make something cryptic.
  9. Americans Are Moving All the Way to New Zealand to Get Away From TrumpIn the 12 weeks after Trump’s election, U.S. applications for Kiwi citizenship were up 70 percent.
  10. High Steaks: 3 Cows Trapped on Tiny Pasture After EarthquakeA deadly earthquake struck New Zealand on Sunday.
  11. select all
    Politician Hit by Dildo: ‘Send the GIF Over to John Oliver’“It’s the privilege of serving,” he noted.
  12. baby names
    It Is Illegal to Name Your Child ‘Anal’ in New Zealand“Mafia No Fear” is also not okay. 
  13. party chat
    Hobbit Co-Writer Approves of Dogs Driving Cars“We are not renowned as great drivers, I have to be honest.”
  14. chauffeur puppies!!
    Dogs Learn to Drive Cars in New ZealandThis is the kind of thing that goes on down there.
  15. stupid crime of the day
    There May Be a Reason Your Meth Smells Like FeetA novel drug-trafficking technique.
  16. new zealand
    New Zealand Hit by Major Quake [Updated]The quake was followed by a 5.1 magnitude aftershock.
  17. illegal aliens for real
    Spotted in New Zealand in 1995: An Alien With Size 440 ShoesNew Zealand just released all of its UFO files.
  18. miners
    All 29 Trapped New Zealand Miners Reported Dead“This is the west coast’s darkest hour.”
  19. mine under matter
    Another Mine Explodes, 27 Workers MissingOh God, is it happening all over again?
  20. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Mostly Rules Out 2016 Presidential RunBut she keeps dropping hints like it’s not entirely certain.
  21. secretary of awesome
    Every Time This Happens, Hillary Clinton Dies a Little Inside“President Clinton.”
  22. good game
    How to Make $25 Million in Fifteen MinutesFirst, you need billions of dollars …
  23. equal rites
    Obama Helping One Gay at a TimeObama provides gay people with another token gesture.