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    Mark Zuckerberg’s Presumed Successor Is Leaving FacebookChris Cox, the head of product at Facebook, is leaving the company. The head of WhatsApp is also out.
  2. friction
    Facebook Doesn’t Need to Fix Society. It Just Needs to Fix Facebook.The company’s struggle to create and enforce a single rule-set masks the larger issue.
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    Facebook Decides to Let Users Vote on Most Trustworthy News Sources (Good Luck!)How could this possibly go wrong?
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    Did Your Facebook News Feed Run Out of Posts Today?A brief moment of bliss.
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    The News Feed Is Facebook’s Most Popular Product. It’s Also Facebook’s Past.The News Feed’s enormous audience won’t solve its waning relevance.
  6. Winter Is Here: Facebook Is Adjusting Its News Feed AlgorithmThe social network will emphasize posts from friends and family over third-party Facebook pages.