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Newtown Massacre

  1. guns
    Newtown-Area Gun Show Goes On Despite Mayor’s Objections“Untimely and insensitive.”
  2. newtown massacre
    Gabby Giffords Plans a Low-Key Visit to NewtownIf anybody can relate to the town’s plight, it’s her.
  3. sandy hook elementary school
    The Kids of Sandy Hook Started Classes Yesterday“The safest school in America.”
  4. funerals
    Adam Lanza’s Father Claims Body Peter Lanza hadn’t spoke to his son in two years.
  5. newtown massacre
    Lawyer Asks for Permission to Sue Connecticut Over Newtown ShootingHe’s seeking $100 million in damages for 6-year-old survivor.
  6. media fails
    Add One More Thing to the List of ‘Things the Media Got Wrong About Newtown’Adam Lanza wasn’t wearing a bulletproof vest.
  7. newtown massacre
    Newtown Volunteers Could Use a Break From Sorting Sympathy GiftsProcessing a nation’s teddy bears is a huge job.
  8. awful people
    Bronx Woman Arrested for Newtown ScamShe was arrested by the FBI today.
  9. newtown massacre
    Geneticists to Study Adam Lanza’s DNABut some worry it could do more harm than good.
  10. gun control
    Gun Owners Procrastinate on Shopping TooBullets: the year’s hottest gift?
  11. ink-stained wretches
    New York Post Got Snookered by a Fake Ryan LanzaThe tabloid fell for what looks like an obvious fake.
  12. gun control
    NRA Head Still Thinks That the Solution to Gun Violence Is More GunsWayne LaPierre doubled down on his Friday comments.
  13. School-Shooting Specialist Bill Bond on Why Lockdowns Save LivesThe principal of a Paducah, Kentucky, school saw three of his students killed. His one word of advice? Lockdown.
  14. newtown massacre
    Some People Loved That NRA Speech by Wayne LaPierre [Updated]“They have good points.”
  15. newtown massacre
    Obama Preempts NRA News Conference With Video on Gun Control“We hear you.”
  16. party chat
    Robert De Niro on Movie Violence, Gun Control, and Newtown“It’s crazy how almost anyone can get access to a gun.”
  17. newtown massacre
    Nancy Lanza’s Funeral Is Held in New Hampshire, ATF Investigates Gun Purchases“It’s a hard time,” said her brother. “It’s a very hard time right now.”
  18. newtown massacre
    New York Will Observe Moment of Silence, Ring Bells for Sandy Hook VictimsBells will ring 26 times, not 27.
  19. newtown massacre
    Fox News Spikes Pro-Gun Column; Writer Told Issue Is ‘Too Sensitive’Gun advocate John Lott says Rupert Murdoch “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
  20. safety concerns
    Suprise School Safety Drill Terrifies Students and Staff in Harlem“We really thought we were not going home that night,” says a teacher.
  21. newtown massacre
    Some Gun Owners Have an Odd Way of Talking About Their FirearmsAR-15 owners wax enthusiastic.
  22. newtown massacre
    Nancy Lanza Is Rarely Counted As a Sandy Hook VictimAlthough she was the first person killed in the attack.
  23. the national interest
    Massacre-Prevention As StimulusShould we hire men to hang around schools in case of a shooting spree?
  24. gun control
    Gun Buyback in New Jersey Breaks Record After NewtownThey ran out of money.
  25. newtown massacre
    Obama Launching Gun Task Force Headed by Joe Biden [Updated]The president will speak a bit about his plan this afternoon.
  26. newtown massacre
    It Took the NRA Four Days to Come Up With ‘Shocked, Saddened, and Heartbroken’The gun group has released a statement on Newtown.
  27. gun control
    Obama ‘Actively’ Supports Assault-Weapon Ban After NewtownThe White House said the president “wants to move in the coming weeks.”
  28. gun control
    Major Gun-Maker to Be Sold Following Newtown Massacre [Updated]Cerberus Capital Management wants out of the business.
  29. newtown massacre
    Adam Lanza’s Computer May Not Yield AnswersIt may be impossible to recover the data.
  30. newtown massacre
    The NRA Is Silent, But Probably Not for LongIt’s just gearing up to fight new gun control laws.
  31. newtown massacre
    Newtown Residents Form Advocacy Group, Head to D.C.They’ll meet with gun control advocates on Tuesday.
  32. Murdoch Wants New Gun Laws; Fox News Not So MuchMurdoch “is obviously very affected by what’s gone on.”
  33. gun control
    Newtown: Follow the MoneyWill investors in big firearms companies start to ask questions?
  34. newtown massacre
    Adam Lanza Had No Known Connection to Sandy HookDespite confusion in earlier reports, police now say Lanza had no recent ties to the school.
  35. Heilemann on Weak State and Local Gun LawsWeak local gun laws are made weaker still by the absence of federal enforcement, Heilemann said.
  36. Frank Rich: America’s Other Original SinThe struggle to make America safer will take decades. Is Newtown the start?
  37. newtown massacre
    Adam Lanza’s Mother Is Not AloneMoms set off a national dialogue on mental illness.
  38. scary things
    Connecticut Schools Locked Down Over Suspicious Man [Updated]The town of Ridgefield, near Newtown, is looking into a potentially armed man.
  39. Joe ‘Dead Aim’ Manchin Sounds Ready to Ban Assault WeaponsHe’s a favorite of the NRA.
  40. newtown massacre
    Newtown Funerals to Begin Without AnswersThe first children will be buried today as authorities continue their investigation.
  41. Newtown’s Own Gun-Control Law Couldn’t PassThe pro-gun lobby was too strong for the city council.
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    Asperger’s Is a Red Herring to Explain the Newtown MassacreIt’s one reported component of a still-unknown personality.
  43. Obama on Newtown: ‘We’re Not Doing Enough’The president exhorted the nation to unspecified change.
  44. the internet
    Anonymous Responds to Westboro’s Newtown PlansThey published members’ names and personal information on the Internet. 
  45. newtown massacre
    Church Near Sandy Hook Elementary Evacuated After Threat [Updated]It seems to have been fake. 
  46. newtown massacre
    Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza’s Mother Was an Avid Gun CollectorNancy Lanza, who was killed by her son before he opened fire on Sandy Hook, was also remembered as both “warm” and “high-strung.” 
  47. newtown massacre
    Officials Release Names of Newtown Victims [Updated]Sad. 
  48. newtown massacre
    Some in Newtown Bristle at Media Attention Inevitably, reporters stepped on some toes while trying to get the story. 
  49. newtown massacre
    Newtown Massacre Prompts Lawmakers to Pledge to Actually Address Gun Control Could it really happen this time?
  50. newtown massacre
    Authorities Slowly Uncover Details of NewtownThousands gathered for a candlelight tribute to 27 victims of gunman Adam Lanza. 
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