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  1. tremendous content
    The History of Donald Trump Pretending to Be SupermanThe modern version of Lex Luthor is based on Trump, but that hasn’t kept the man of “stop the steal” from repeatedly posing as the Man of Steel.
  2. tremendous content
    Are the Trump NFT Trading Cards Full of Unauthorized Images?Trump’s NFT collection allegedly uses unlicensed images from sources like Amazon and Reuters, and watermarks are visible in some illustrations.
  3. tremendous content
    7 Great Things About Trump’s Incredibly Dumb NFT AnnouncementNFTs are the least harmful thing Trump could have revealed, and his infomercial-style promo video is a delight.
  4. the money game
    The Last Fad of the Crypto BubbleMaking money by walking seemed too easy. I fell for it anyway.
  5. the money game
    Crypto Gets Its Very First Insider-Trading IndictmentA Harvard grad and former poet faces up to 40 years for allegedly front-running NFT sales as the feds crack down on crypto.
  6. business
    How Museums Are Trying to Figure Out What NFT Art Is WorthAmong other complexities, the often secretive process for establishing the insured value of a painting doesn’t work with a Bored Ape.
  7. the money game
    Striking It Rich in the Meme-Coin Casino“I think this is all stupid and absurd. But I’m not going to complain.”
  8. the money game
    The Future of the Internet May Be Happening in Miami. So Where’s Facebook?NFT-mad Art Basel in Miami has become a frenzied search for the digital future. Just don’t mention Mark Zuckerberg.
  9. are u coming?
    Blockchain Bros and Crypto Socialites Came to Party“It’s like Pretty Woman meets The Great Gatsby, but with crypto.”