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Niagara Falls

  1. ask your doctor about niagara
    Niagara Falls Tightrope Walker Only Kind of a DaredevilHe declined to ditch his safety harness. 
  2. ask your doctor about niagara
    Bummer: Niagara Falls Tightrope-Walker Won’t DieABC, which is airing the stunt, has demanded that Wallenda wear a safety harness.
  3. sad things that turn into happy things
    Man Survives 180-Foot Plunge Down Niagara Falls in Apparent Suicide AttemptHe suffered broken ribs and a collapsed lung.
  4. ask your doctor about niagara
    New York Trumps Canada in Niagara Falls Tightrope FightOur neighbors to the north will allow Nik Wallenda his fun.
  5. sad things
    All Kinds of Dead People Are Floating in Niagara FallsPolice searching for a woman found a man instead.
  6. ask your doctor about niagara
    Canadian Side of Niagara Falls Finds Tightrope Walking Beneath ThemLighten up, Ontario.
  7. ask your doctor about niagara
    It’s About Time Someone Risked Death for New York’s EntertainmentWill a tightrope walker be allowed to traverse the Niagara Gorge?