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Niall Ferguson

  1. the national interest
    Niall Ferguson Fights Back Against Smear Campaign by Fact-checkers, FactsA prestigious conservative scholar demands the world stop correcting him.
  2. the national interest
    Niall Ferguson: Keynes Was Gay for Germany [Updated]It’s history, people. Look it up.
  3. dubious theories
    Niall Ferguson Doesn’t Trust Gay Economists [Updated]Keynes, specifically.
  4. ink-stained wretches
    Newsweek Gets Last Laugh on Roundly Dismantled Anti-Obama IssueTina Brown scoffs at your silly facts.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    Tina Brown Speaks on Niall Ferguson Cover StoryBut the Newsweek editor is mostly sticking by her man.
  6. ink-stained wretches
    Niall Ferguson: Liberal Media Is ‘Nit-Picking’ “I don’t think you can claim this undermines my academic reputation.”
  7. ink-stained wretches
    Niall Ferguson Smacked Down Over Another Questionable Newsweek CoverDoes Tina Brown even care?
  8. Niall Ferguson’s Spurious Lemonade Stand With an assist from John Stossel.
  9. famous nerds
    Historian Niall Ferguson Hates Being Around PeopleExcept for when he’s in the meatpacking district.
  10. nerd fights
    Niall Ferguson vs. Paul Krugman, Round 347“I’ve got history on my side, and he’s got an economic model from 1936. And we’ll see who was right.”
  11. white men with money
    Notes From the Ira Sohn Conference: Everyone CriedExcept David Tepper and Sam Zell, who are perhaps too rich to cry.
  12. white men with money
    Today’s Ira Sohn Conference: Who Will Cry?Bill Ackman, or the recipient of David Einhorn’s annual smackdown?
  13. highbrow despicable
    Niall Ferguson Leaves Wife for Somali IntellectualWhy? Two words: fatwa sex.
  14. web wedgies
    Two GrinchesEcono-enemies Niall Ferguson and Paul Krugman agree on at least one thing: We’re screwed.
  15. web wedgies
    Paul Krugman vs. Niall FergusonHow a fight between the nation’s most prominent economist and a Scottish historian devolved into bitchy name-calling.
  16. the downturnaround
    Niall Ferguson: ‘People Just Have to Get Over the Fact That Their Wealth Wasn’t Worth What They Thought It Was’In which a famed demon of doom gets over himself.
  17. gossipmonger
    Madonna’s Brother to Reveal ‘Graphic’ Secrets About Her in a New BookWe didn’t know she had any graphic secrets LEFT. Also in our roundup of the day’s gossip columns: Are some or all of the penguins at the Central Park Zoo gay? And who on earth would shoot Neil Diamond?