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  1. nicknames
    Trump Keeps Trying to Make ‘Broken Old Crow’ McConnell HappenThe Senate minority leader is uniquely difficult to insult, as he embraces almost every negative thing people say about him. But Trump can do better.
  2. nicknames
    Mitt Romney Is Pierre Delecto: A Brief Guide to Political PseudonymsPlenty of political figures, including Senator Mitt Romney and President Donald Trump, have been known to use ridiculous aliases.
  3. Trump Is Not Quite As Good at Affectionate NicknamesHe reportedly calls Hope Hicks “Hopey.”
  4. feuds
    Trump Proves He’s Still Got It, Dubs Bannon ‘Sloppy Steve’He may not be fit for the presidency, but he’s got a gift for sophomoric nicknames.
  5. nicknames
    The Secret Service Will Be Calling Paul Ryan ‘Bowhunter’ Because he hunts with a bow.
  6. nicknames
    Justice John Roberts Now Known As ‘Wobbly Roberts’Say that three times. 
  7. fun-raising
    Charles Koch Apparently Has a Nickname for Barack Obama [Updated]“Saddam Hussein.”
  8. nicknames
    Nancy Grace Explains What the Heck ‘Tot Mom’ MeansThe lame moniker actually has a reasonable explanation.
  9. pop quiz
    Politicians and Their Strange, Surprising Childhood NicknamesCan you guess who used to go by Boozy Boy, Bird Legs, or Pinky?
  10. money honey
    No More ‘Money Honey’ for Maria BartiromoThe CNBC anchor has abandoned efforts to trademark her nickname.
  11. office dramedy
    ‘You Should be VERY Careful About Such Things. People Like to Brag About Their Connections in D.C.’In which we are entertained by a vigorous e-mail exchange between two administrative aides on the Hill.