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  1. vision 2020
    Trump Relies on Maduro-Bashing to Win Florida Next YearTrump’s attacks on Maduro are key to winning Florida’s Latino immigrants and boosting his advantage among Cuban-Americans despite his other policies.
  2. international intrigue
    Venezuela’s Opposition Pushes for Military Force to Topple MaduroOpposition leader Juan Guaidó met with Mike Pence Monday after a violent weekend in Venezuela.
  3. world view
    Don’t Just Argue Over Trump’s Maduro Stance, Fight to Help VenezuelansAmericans should be focused on promoting stability and helping refugees — while keeping U.S. opportunists from making the crisis even worse.
  4. nicolas maduro
    Report: U.S. Official Met With Rebel Venezuelans Who Wanted to Overthrow MaduroNothing ever came of the gatherings, but Venezuela’s hardline leader will likely use them to bolster his anti-American bona fides.
  5. international affairs
    Crackdown Feared in Venezuela After Alleged Assassination Attempt on MaduroA bizarre alleged attack on Venezuela’s president may help him consolidate even more power in the country.
  6. American Freed From Venezuelan Prison Meets With Trump in Oval OfficeJoshua Holt’s release may signify a thaw in Caracas-Washington relations.
  7. Maduro Wins Second Term in Shattered Venezuela As U.S. Promises New SanctionsThe election was marked by accusations of fraud, and most of the president’s opposition boycotted it.
  8. Flake Calls Trump a Model for Speech-Suppressing TyrantsInstead of issuing Fake News Media Awards, Trump was blasted by a senator calling him the inspiration for free-speech enemies everywhere.
  9. Trump ‘Won’t Rule Out’ Military Option in … Venezuela?The man is completely stable.
  10. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Scoffs at ‘Emperor’ Trump’s SanctionsThe leader is defiant over his controversial vote as two opposition leaders are reportedly arrested.
  11. U.S. Sanctions Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro After Controversial VoteThe U.S. has frozen the leader’s assets, but stopped short of undertaking broader economic sanctions.
  12. Goldman Sachs Accused of Giving ‘Lifeline’ to Venezuela’s Socialist DictatorAs Nicolás Maduro’s forces kill protesters and poor Venezuelans starve, the bank’s bond deal put $865 million into the ruling regime’s coffers.
  13. god
    Socialists Sub Chávez for God in Venezuelan PrayerYes, Chavistas have taken over the Lord’s Prayer.
  14. spy games
    Edward Snowden Finally Has Some Asylum Offers [Updated]Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia have all reached out.