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Nidal Malik Hasan

  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Accused Fort Hood Shooter Claims He Was Protecting the TalibanNidal Malik Hasan’s defense of himself started out shaky today.
  2. fort hood
    Grand Jury Hearings Begin for Fort Hood ShootingsNidal Malik Hasan will face a military tribunal.
  3. terror plots
    Yemeni Military ‘Almost Certain’ It Killed Al Qaeda Leader in AttackThe death of Qassim al-Raymi would be a serious blow to the cell.
  4. early and often
    Obama on Recent Terror Plots: ‘We Are at War’Hear that, Dick Cheney?
  5. fort hood
    Radical Cleric Who Advised Nidal Malik Hasan Explains Their RelationshipThe Washington ‘Post’ sent an intermediary to speak with the man Hasan saw as a spiritual leader.
  6. fort hood
    Military to Seek Death Penalty in Fort Hood Shooting CaseMajor Nidal Malik Hasan will be tried in a military court.
  7. fort hood
    More Nuance Enters Fort Hood NarrativeNot everyone ignored the warning signs from Major Nidal Malik Hasan, and it was not only female officer Kimberly Munley who took him down in the end.
  8. photo op
    Obama Visits Fort HoodIn his address, he did not mention the word “Muslim” once. Or “terrorism.”
  9. fort hood
    FBI Had E-mails From Fort Hood Shooter to Radical Islamic ClericThis displeases many in Congress.
  10. fort hood
    Fort Hood Shooter Awake, TalkingNo motive or further information has been confirmed yet.
  11. fort hood
    Report: Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Malik Hasan Tried to Contact Al Qaeda, and CIA Knew ItA series of stories this morning indicates there were definitely warning signals that something was awry.
  12. fort hood
    Fort Hood Shooter Emptied His Apartment Before MassacreHis neighbors thought it was because he was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan.